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Dr Keith Kolodzej - Best Bloody Doctor in Sydney. A Story About a Witch Hunt.

Dr Keith Kolodzej

I write this article because I am a person who believes in justice. I also believe in fairness, forgiveness and, when people learn from their mistakes, they are held in high esteem with me. You need to watch this Current Affair rubbish to get why I'm writing this unusual post.


Now to the story.

I have been writing about the Laser treatment that I have been receiving from Dr Keith Kolodzej - AKA Dr Pico in Darlinghurst. Last Friday I was at the clinic for my second treatment. Dr Keith was preparing the room and I was talking to his partner in the waiting room. Without notice, a woman in a very tight red dress came barging in. I thought she was a pushy sales rep trying to sell something (actually to be honest, I thought something else, after all we are right next to Kings Cross)... until a few seconds later two cameramen and a girl filming the intruders with an iPhone followed. All four of them forced their way into Dr Keith Kolodzej's private clinic. Glaucia and I were shocked. Keith did the right thing and refused to talk to the trespassers. Glaucia tried to remove the intruders, and they have of course, with their clever editing made this to look bad on their story. I noticed too the story appears to have a patient on the camera. I was the only patient at the clinic. More fabrication.

On their way out, I took a video of the intruders and the reporter tried to scaremonger me into believing her. I stayed for my treatment of course.

Dr Keith had a drug and alcohol issue 11 years ago. ELEVEN YEARS AGO. Today, he is a hard working doctor who works in Emergency and as Fly in and Fly out in remote areas. I consider Keith and Glaucia friends now. This is one of the most unfair things I have ever witnessed. I haven't bothered to find out who the smug reporter is but I can tell you this; no problem with her ruining lives just to make herself look good. ACA really crossed the line this time.

I was only able to capture them leaving as I was in shock. However the reporter looks very pleased and smug with herself compared to the dramatisation in the A Current Affair video. So many of my friends and I have been in hysterics watching her strut out like she's just conquered the world.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Pico.


Of course the Daily Mail had to jump on this bandwagon. They even stole a photo that was taken for this blog.

The reporter hasn't interviewed Dr Keith to get all the facts, of course.

This is another 'journalist' with complete disregard of the outcome for the 'victim' in this case Dr Keith Kolodzej.

Well done Josh hope you sleep well each night with the fantastic things you do for the world by sensationalising stories. I would have thought 'just a boy from the country' would be a bit fairer than this

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