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Dr Jerry Schwartz Gift to Charities - Sofitel Darling Harbour

Dr Jerry Shwartz

One multimillion dollar 5-star hotel, 28 floors, and 28 charities. This is the gift Dr Jerry Schwartz will be giving back to Sydney on the opening of his new Sofitel hotel in Sydney’s beautiful Darling Harbour. Rather than throwing an ostentatious party boasting the many luxurious qualities of the new hotel, for one night Schwartz will be giving each of the Sofitel’s 28 floors to 28 different charities in the hope of raising as much funds as possible.

Sofitel Darling Harbour

In a selfless and philanthropic act Schwartz has also started a raffle that will give people the chance to win a night in the new luxury hotel. 15 rooms will be up for the taking and an estimated of $1 million is expected to be raised by this raffle.

Schwartz, Australia’s largest private hotel owner, has taken advantage of the opening of his new luxury hotel to give support to charities struggling with economic woes. There is an emphasis on medical and children’s health seen throughout the charities, with the Children’s Hospital Foundation being just one of the great organisations involved, as well as the money raised by the raffle going towards stem cell research.

Sofitel Darling Harbour

One charity that is receiving the generosity of Schwartz is Wings4kidz. This charity is close to our hearts at Sydney Chic with our own Deb Carr being the ambassador for this great cause. Wings4kids is a totally volunteer ran organisation that helps transport sick children from rural areas to seek adequate medical attention in Sydney and Newcastle. It has achieved remarkable success in many cases of illnesses in children and has given families the support they need.


The opening of the Sofitel will create tremendous opportunities for these charities to raise funds and truly showcases how one man’s generosity can have such an impact on the lives of others.

You have a chance to be the first to stay in this amazing hotel on the opening night. More details soon.

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