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FloatFit Comes To Sydney


There is a new fitness craze in Town called FloatFit. These photos pretty much sums up what FloatFit is all about. Exercising on water!

Spring has finally arrives tomorrow and Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool reopens as well.

Float Fit

FloatFit classes will be coming to Andrew (Boy) Charlton this September for the official AquaPhysical Australia launch. AquaPhysical is a UK company which created the AquaBase and the FloatFit exercise program. Developed by Leila Francis Coleman and Tom Whelan, the AquaBase is a tough inflatable base that floats on water, making excellent use of the natural resistance of water to stimulate core muscle tone and strength. Launched in 2016 they posted a video on Facebook which went viral and has had more than 160 million views to date.

Float Fit

AquaBase is now in 54 countries, with over 700 trained FloatFit Instructors and continues to take the fitness world by storm. Australia and the US are the latest countries to welcome AquaPhysical. It is a completely new way to exercise, is great fun and can be used both indoors and outdoors. FloatFit classes utilise the natural fluidity of water to challenge the body and give a new and different aspect to even the most traditional of exercises. The 30 minute FloatFit class is a revolutionary, low impact, cross training class performed in a circuit format. Yoga and pilates based FloatFit classes are also available.

- Photography Paul McMahon


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