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The Effects of Consumerism

the effects of consumerism

Have you ever wondered about the effects of consumerism? I'm talking about the products that you purchase. Do you ever wonder where your purchases come from? Who made them? Has your purchase jeopardised the environment? Was child labour involved? Is packaging really needed? Don't get me started on packaging! I know it's a big industry but really do we need all that wastage? In particular there is one chemist company who use plastic on every cosmetic they sell and it's a nightmare to remove, every time! I'm not naming and shaming because that's not what I'm about, but it would be good if businesses really thought about the waste that is involved in packaging.

Sustainable business

This is an important topic and more people are becoming acutely aware of being sustainable. I certainly am. In fact, Sydney Chic is one of two blogs that I publish. The other blog is all about life, inspiration, spirituality, eco-friendly and more. I am directing this post over to one I published last night on The Jasmine in the Forest, regarding the effects of consumerism.

You can read the rather lengthly interview with Ainsley Schumacher who is the founder of KNOWN EFFECTS; an online marketplace that is destined to become a one-stop ethical shopping platform. Known Effects are helping to change the old paradigm of immoral business practices, unethical working conditions, human rights abuses, unaccountability and unsustainability. Known Effects believe a business can thrive on all levels without having a negative effect on the environment, community, society, or the economy. And can meet the triple bottom line, even with progressive environmental and human rights policies, and still be wildly successful. The company have a strict criteria who can participate to sell on the store which is reassuring for the consumer. For those with an ethical business get in contact with Known Effects to see if you qualify to join the community.

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