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Franck Provost Announces Brand Ambassadors 2018

It has been an honour to be a brand ambassador of Franck Provost Double Bay and Paddington over the last year, and certainly another to be invited again next year. If someone had ever told me I would go platinum blonde one day, I would have laughed at them! Well then I met Glen Fitzgerald and that all changed!

The other Brand Ambassadors for 2018 are:

The fabulous and stunning Taryn Williams, owner of Wink Models and The Right Fit.

Taryn Williams

Gorgeous Andrew Papadopolous - Fitness influencer and model.

Andrew Papadopolous

And the beautiful, vibrant and all round fabulous person and dog lover, Britt Bloomer.

if you are looking for a fantastic hair salon then if these brand ambassador's including myself, all promote then you can rest assured you will be in good hands. Read More.

Deb pictured here with Glen Fitzgerald (Owner of Franck Provost Double Bay & Paddington) and celebrity stylist Leo Pimpa both also known as

Franck Provost Double Bay

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