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FRANKIE4 most comfortable shoes I own


My neighbour stopped me in my tracks the other day to take a pic of my shoes. I must say, with a slight smirk on my face, I’m pretty proud wearing these FRANKIE4 Footwear sneakers because they are a limited edition, and look really cool. There is something else about these sneakers too; they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. That’s because a Podiatrist designs the shoes. My particular pair is the limited edition, Nat Palms pattern designed by artist Megan Grant.

Caroline McCulloch  FRANKIE4

So yes, these shoes are awesome in appearance and they are even more so in comfort. There is a very good reason for this; meet Caroline McCulloch who is a Podiatrist and Physiotherapist, turned footwear designer. She is on a mission to provide women with the ultimate foot supporting benefits, packed into styles they feel confident wearing. That’s why FRANKIE4 Footwear shoes are so comfortable and they look amazing too! Caroline, with help from her husband who is also a podiatrist, design the shoes with body mechanics in mind. All their designs are aimed at alleviating and preventing foot pain without looking like an orthopedic shoe.

I was very impressed when my shoes (photo at top of page and above) arrived in the post. Not only were they beautifully packaged they also came with a custom fit pack, so you can adapt to wide or narrow fitting. My shoes did not need adjusting as my feet fitted in perfectly to how they arrived.

I’m loving my FRANKIE shoes, especially as at time of writing I’m suffering from some serious back pain! In fact, I’m wearing them right now as I type this at 6.30 am in the morning at my standing desk because of the pain in my back and it certainly helps!

You can check out the styles here, and if you are looking for a nice looking shoe that actually won’t leave you in agony, try FRANKIE4 Footwear.

This brand also gives back to the community. Caroline developed a quality sockette range where all net proceeds are donated to Brainchild Foundation.


I attended the Sydney pop-up store to check out the shoes and was gifted my pair. I won’t share a brand story on Sydney Chic unless I really like it. On the day I attended the pop-up I was blown away by how many Sydney people were lining up to experience these shoes in person. Read more about my Disclaimer. Would I pay $229 for these shoes? Yes!

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