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Great Shopping at TK Maxx

TK Maxxx

Christmas gift wrapping is not one of my more creative traits. To be honest I completely suck at it. So when I was invited by TK Maxx to have a gift-wrapping lesson with wrapping expert Vivienne Anthon I thought it would be a good idea to check it out. By the way, Vivienne knows the price of every ribbon in Australia! That made me laugh!

This was to be my first encounter with the TK Maxx store, and in fact the first time in all the years I’ve lived in Sydney that I’ve actually been to the Top Ryde Shopping Centre. I have to say I was impressed with both! The Top Ryde Shopping Centre is stylish, with lots of places to eat and shop, including some very nice outdoor areas.

TX Maxx

Vivienne demonstrated some very cool wrapping tricks to our little group, which I will share later in this post. Once we had a demonstration, our mission was to go and shop in the store and gather some presents that would be hard to wrap without giving away what the gift was. Well, give me a challenge like that and I will give it my best shot! And, I did!

Firstly, I grabbed this horse ornament for the horse crazy person in the family and then, I decided on this suitcase! There’s nothing like a little wrapping challenge. I probably should have taken into account that I’d have to get this wrapped suitcase home in a cab!

TK Maxx Sydney

I had so much fun shopping at TK Maxx because it’s a treasure trove of all sorts of wonderful things, including some designer brands. The thing you need to remember though is that what’s on the floor is it! So there is no stock in the back and if you see something you really like grab it, but don’t worry TK Maxx has weekly deliveries of fresh product so there is always something interesting. I came across some amazing gift ideas and at highly discounted prices! I also would advise that you wander through the different departments of the store with a very open mind. I had no idea who I was buying for when I did my shopping, then I stumbled across the horse (and it was the only one) so I grabbed it. As for the suitcase, this particular brand gives a 10-year guarantee so the merchandise in TK Maxx is incredible, and they have some seriously great quality bargains.

When it came to wrapping this horse, Vivienne helped me by wrapping it in bubble wrap, then propping it with a few Christmas decorations and two pieces of cardboard. Then she left me to choose the paper and wrap the present myself. Disaster! LOL, it seems my wrapping skills have not improved yet! Thank goodness Vivienne came back to the rescue. As for the suitcase, and I can’t take credit for this, one of the girls helped me with this one. We chose a fluffy Santa sack and put the suitcase in it then decorated it with some Christmas decorations! Perfect!

TK Maxx

After this wrapping and shopping experience it was time to take my loot back home, and I was travelling by cab back to Potts Point. I had my suitcase wrapped in its furry cover when the taxi driver asked me if I had a cat in there! I laughed so much, but apparently you can take your cat in a cab if it is in a covered cage!

For Christmas shopping you can’t go past TK Maxx. They stock everything from festive décor, entertaining, kids toys, chocolate, fashion, bags, luggage, homewares and much more. The brand has 38 locations on the East Coast, and are constantly restocking the shelves with thousands of new products each week.

TK Maxx


  • Use cardboard cylinders to disguise gifts, you can use these to wrap things like bbq tongs, small gifts etc and then wrap the outside of the cylinder to look festive.

  • Use bells to add an element off mystery to your gift.

  • Vivienne suggests double-sided tape as the easiest and prettiest way to wrap gifts.

  • Make cones that look like a Christmas tree out of cardboard.

  • Keep bubble wrap it’s invaluable for wrapping gifts.

  • Use beautiful ribbon for wrapping.

  • Disguise your gift as a Christmas pudding.

To find more about TK Maxx and your nearest store

More tips on Vivienne’s site

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