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Cinema Review: A Night of Horror Film Festival - Bloodlands

A Night of Horror Film Festival

Reviewed: Bloodlands

Director and Writer: Steven Kastrissios

Dendy Cinema, Newtown

Reviewed by Ron Lee, CSP

A Night of Horror Film Festival

Having had a principal role in the film, Zombie Brigade, I became immediately curious when my friend and film maker, Garfield Barnard, told me about A Night of Horror Film Festival, playing at the Dendy Cinema in Newtown.

The first film was Bloodlands, which tells the story of a witches clan blood feud with another family. Where did Steven Kastrissios decide to locate his low-budget film? The obvious answer was in a village and the forests of Albania. All of the cast members are Albanian, the crew consisted mostly of Albanians and all of the dialogue is in Albanian, but there are subtitles.

This slow-moving film punches way above its budget. The cinematography, music and sound quality are up there with the Hollywood blockbusters.

A Night of Horror Film Festival only runs until December 3 and it looks really interesting, especially if the production values are as high as Bloodlands.

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