Christmas Gift Idea # 7 - Victorinox SwissCard Nail Care

You'll be amazed at how many tools Victorinox has packed into the SwissCard. Victorinox never fail to make easy with their SwissCard. And you'll be surprised at how often you need one of those tools tucked away inside. With its clever, award-winning design and incredible functionality, you'll enjoy each time you need to take it out. And now, with help from its glass nail file, the SwissCard helps you stay well-groomed and good to go.

Here's what's inside:

  1. ruler (cm)

  2. ruler (inches)

  3. glass nail file

  4. tweezers

  5. toothpick

  6. pressurized ballpoint pen

  7. pin, stainless steel

  8. scissors

  9. Phillips screwdriver 1 – 2

  10. Phillips screwdriver 00 – 0

  11. screwdriver 5 mm

  12. screwdriver 3 mm

  13. magnifying glass

Victorinox SwissCard Nail Care, RRP$89.95

(Available in Translucent Blue, Translucent Red and Translucent Black)



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