Beauty Review: Instant Nail Art by Her Royal Flyness

When I first read about Her Royal Flyness designer nail wraps I was a little sceptical how they would look on and how easy they would be to apply to nails. Well I am not sceptical anymore, these designer nail wraps take no time to add instant colour and art.

They are so easy to apply. First you choose the size most suited to your nail, stick it on the nail, bend the excess wrap over and file it off. A nail file is included in the pack. To finish top with a clear nail varnish. I'm very impressed!

To remove soak nails in warm water for 8 minutes so no more nail polish remover which I'm sure isn't that good for us to be using too often.

They come in a range of fabulous colours and designs and start at $12.00 a pack.


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