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February Horoscopes by Jennifer Angel

2018 Horoscopes


By Jennifer Angel

Monthly Overview:

With an eclipse new Moon, Venus and Mercury all in Aquarius, it’s month of Love, Romance, Creativity and Opportunity.

Ready or not, this is a month to step into action! February commences with a blast of powerful activity, opportunities and options that can have you rethinking your intentions for 2018. The solar Eclipse Moon provides insight to fine tune your goals. The Moon and Mars provide passion and emotional awareness for Valentine’s Day. And with love goddess Venus moving to romantic Pisces, this is definitely a month for love!


With the influence of the solar eclipse, friendships and social engagements are highlighted this month, and can move to a more secure place in your life. However, eclipse energy is intense, so don’t be surprised if you decide to part ways with someone, it’s all part of your personal evolvement. Stand by for news at work and with money, which can provide you with the energy to feel inspired about life in general and the future. This month’s planetary energy can highlight if anyone has a hidden agenda, and can also show who your loyal supporters are. Your instincts are sharp now, which provide you with the ability to make your own decisions, the right decisions, with both love and work.


Jupiter in your opposite sign continues to send love arrows of opportunity direct to your heart center. This is an advantageous year to open your heart to meet someone wonderful - a good fit of compatibility, passion and a spiritual connection – the love-trifecta!However, with this month’s solar eclipse, your opportunities are mainly centered around work, career and business. And as Venus commences the month also in this area of your chart, connecting with people who can help boost your cash flow is possible. Your financial situation can become more stable, and saving for the future is positive.


Mars in love zone can literally set your heart on fire, but what Gemini really needs at the moment is a love partner who can provide you with some level of stability for the future. As the Sun makes a move to the next sign later in the month, your career is highlighted, especially your creative skill of getting to the bottom of a perceived problem and finding a unique solution. This innate skill is likely to get the attention of influential people now, so don’t sit in the back stalls, it’s time to stand out in the crowd. But leave some time free, as this month’s solar eclipse can open your mind and inquisitiveness of celestial matters.


Hold on to your heart, Cancer, the love bug is heading your way in the form of intimacy. You can form a connection with someone whom you feel safe enough with to share your inner thoughts and feelings. But don’t get too infatuated with all the excitement and promise of what’s to come. Remember, everyone has irritating and irresistible traits, and even if you can’t see that now, just know there will be a need to give and take along the way. In regard to business, a monetary matter can sort itself out, perhaps with an unexpected development. Keep your big dream at the top of your mind, and be as organized as possible to make it come true.


Get ready for love, Leo! Relationships are on your radar with a solar eclipse Moon in your love zone. Venus also sends romantic rays though your star-chart. This is a positive month for money where you can connect with someone helpful in the way of advise or providing the roadmap for additional income. This is also a time where you can decide to discard anything that no longer works in your life the way you want it to and replace with new systems, structures and a new attitude for success. Time management is important, as is making time for the people in your life who mean the most to you.


Throughout the month, planetary interaction highlight your love life and the need to put time aside to focus on your personal life - the quest for love and stability. Relationships are high on your radar now and very possible to attain in the way you desire. The solar eclipse energy helps you get serious about what you want in life, don’t want, and how to go about making the changes to make it happen. And with any plan, grand or small, as you know, Virgo, it’s important to get organized. Working with people in a team environment is a good recipe for success, and the more you can collaborate with others the better the result.


The solar eclipse and Venus, your ruling planet, have a strong influence this month on your love life. The energy can open the door to have a deep and meaningful conversation with someone close, which in turn can build a stronger bond. A reorganization at home and with family can be unsettling but work out best for you in the future. A creative project at work can get the green light now which can be both exciting and daunting. Communication is important and whether it’s with a co-worker, loved one or family member, when you have an opportunity to speak up, take it.


This month, love, money and family take your attention. Eclipse Moon energy has a strong influence on your home and family matters. The energy can provide you with the insight as to what you want to do next as well as the proposed journey to arrive at your desired destination. And with the energy and influence of Venus throughout the month is an indication that change, for love, money and family, in a positive way, is imminent. Financial matters also look positive but Mars puts some urgency on getting things set in place for the future. Keep a positive attitude and stand by for what develops next.


The financial area of your star-chart is hot with placements and activity that influences your bank balance in a favorable way. It’s very likely that money can make its way to your bank account. The energy of the solar eclipse can put you in the right place at precisely the right time to communicate with people who are walking the same path as you - stay open to what they have to say. To take advantage of these beneficial astral aspects, ensure that every thought, particularly about work and money, is a positive one. Creativity is favored, so don’t sit back and let someone else do all the talking. When it’s about your personal life, make time for love as well as your family.


Your stars are hot this month, Capricorn – get ready to step into a new reality, a better one! The solar eclipse, Venus and Mercury all in your money zone, indicate that finances get a healthy boost and in the right direction. Saturn and Pluto, both in your sign, interact with planets that sparks interest in a creative product and prompts discussions that can move a situation forward. There are powerful forces working on your side now and something fabulous to take place with love, work, money or all of the above. Your major game plan for life can start to formulate into reality, and all this energy and potential good luck provides you with the enthusiasm to stay the course.


This is your month to shine, Aquarius, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. With the potent energy of a solar eclipse in Your sign, it’s time to put your goals and dreams into action. Take a stand and follow your own good advice. Love and money are both prominent in your star-chart now, and both can have a victorious outcome. But it’s up to you to set the standard for yourself, and although there is always a need for ‘some’ compromise in life, don’t settle too low on the things that mean the most to you, personally or professionally. Friends can step forward to give a helping hand. And this month, your intuition will tell you when to move forward and when to hold back – pay attention to it.


As the Sun makes a move to your sign this month, it is the start of your next solar year and a great time to review and reset goals. It’s important for success to get a plan in place that inspires you to put in the extra effort that allows you to achieve your goals. But don’t get too caught up in manifesting your future, with Venus close by and a solar eclipse, love will demand your attention, too. And with planetary interactions influencing your area of friendships and social events, the people you mix and mingle with now can lead to much more than you first imagine. Love and money are both in your stars, but make sure you confide in those you trust.


Jennifer Angel

Jennifer is resident astrologer to one of America’s most successful celebrity and entertainment magazines – Star!

Perhaps most well known for her work in New York’s Daily News, with a following of over one million readers, Jennifer attracted even more followers at with weekly videos, articles, including predictions on celebrity couples, sports teams, mayors, and presidents.

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