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Considering a Sea Change: Do it!

Forster NSW

I first started this post on Dec 31 and it has taken me this long (Jan 12) to get the guts to finish it. Why? Because I wondered what my readers would think that I have a blog about Sydney but I've left! The truth is, I haven't left, my heart is still in Sydney and I have lived there all my adult life. I've already flown back once and will continue to do so frequently, after all I've only moved 3.5 hours away, I haven't moved to the moon.

Forster NSW

I had been contemplating this move for a year and always put it off; I always had some excuse. You see, I lived in Potts Point. Well officially my lease called it Elizabeth Bay (what a joke), the truth is I was on the Cnr of Roslyn St and Ward Avenue, and quite frankly, it was the bloody Cross! I guess rents are much higher in Elizabeth Bay than Kings Cross, that is soon to change as you have probably read in the news. I lived in Kings Cross and no fancy name will ever change it. I lived there for three years, and prior to that I lived in Darlinghurst and before that in the Hyde Park Plaza. So inner city living was my life since 2012. I was a die hard Manly girl before the inner city, and I still have a bond with that beautiful part of Sydney.


The last day in Potts Point, I walked up the cross to the train station (I was staying at the Four Seasons as my furniture was picked up to go North overnight), and I had no regrets. I never looked back and the next day I flew out of Sydney, Regional Express took the route over the city; they don't always do that and I Instagrammed a photo of Sydney Tower from the plane.

Now I live in Forster/Tuncurry.

On the 27th November 2017 I did an Instagram post saying I was going to move to this region. I had no idea how. On the 19th December I moved here. I'm still in awe of myself doing that!

Burgess Beach

I've had a lot of people say to me "Won't you miss the events you always attend?" - the answer is no, and yes. People seem to think this blog is all about the 'VIP' events I attend. In fact, it is rare that I ever write about an event, I usually just Instagram and these days, just Instagram Stories. I've also got contributors in Sydney to attend those events for me, and to be honest, they are much younger and hipper than I am, and it's time this blog had some young blood in it, especially the events side of it. I was once told by a photographer at a 'VIP' event he couldn't take a pic of anyone over 25! Bloody hell I'm 56 and proud of it!

Ellenborough Falls

So back to the Sea Change. This was without a doubt 100% the best thing for me. I have a much bigger house, no noise issues, no drug addicts under my window, no drunks crawling home at all hours of the morning waking me up, no pollution. I actually get decent sleep, something I have not had since 2012.

Tuncurry NSW

I've always worked from home for years, so there was a huge advantage for me, that others may not have because all my work is digital. In case you don't know I teach social media, look after client's social media for clients and built websites,

I've lost 3 kilos in just over 3 weeks! Yep, those events pack that fat on! I'm walking over 2 hours a day (around 6-8 kms) and I'm eating better. My new neighbours are constantly giving me fresh home grown veggies and freshly caught fish and prawns.

NSW Tourism

I look out my bedroom window at night and I see stars; millions of them. I hear the ocean compared to traffic and hooligans. I smell fresh air rather than worry about all that black soot stuff that covered everything white in my flat and the list can go on. I was breathing that in!

There was another crucial reason to move. My mother suffered her first stroke in 2011. She had 3 more before she passed away in 2015. She desperately wanted me, her only daughter, to move up this way and I selfishly, didn't do it. Reporting on Sydney was way more important than my sick mother. I wish I had moved up here then because, as it turns out, nothing changes with my work and she was so much more important than this website. Since my mother died, my 83 year old dad has gone downhill. I won't mention in what way, but I decided I would make the move so I can be near him and make it up to my mum. It is one of my life lessons; family is important!

Tuncurry Forster

So Sydney Chic will continue in full force, and I will be commuting between the city and the Mid North Coast frequently.

This was one of the scariest things I have ever done and, the best! No regrets. If you are thinking about doing something similar, then follow your heart. Life is so short, and sometimes you need to take the plunge and the risk because the bottom line is; we all deserve to be happy.

And, if you love dolphins you might like this video.

So as I sign off from this rather unusual blog for Sydney Chic, listening to the Green Tree frogs singing their mating calls, I feel happy, content and glad I've shared my news with my readers. I hope you continue to follow Sydney Chic.

Crowdy Head


So any regrets Deb? Nope. Nope. Nope. I certainly do not. Since I originally wrote this post I have created a new destination website and in the last four months I have continued to walk at least an hour every day. I feel so much healthier, and I am still swimming most days as well as the weather is still warm.

I am never bored, in fact, the days go so fast I wonder what on earth I ever did before. I am flying to Sydney 2-3 times a month so I'm still in the loop of my favourite city.

My work has not died down and I'm still building websites and helping people with their digital marketing, after all I only need a computer and internet and I can work anywhere in the world.

I continue to explore the Mid North Coast and even started a tropical fish tank and in doing so I woke up one morning to discover five fry.... and they are growing into splendid little fish.

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