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Pressplay Cosmetics Lets You Store Your Cosmetics in a Smartphone Size Capsule

Pressplay Cosmetics

I was recently asked to contribute to a blog post by the Intercontinental Sydney on my tips for packing for luxury travel. My tip is to always have a cosmetic bag ready to grab and go! I have quite a few overnight stays, and it's one less thing to worry about - packing your cosmetics and skincare if you already have a bag ready to go. So when I discovered Pressplay cosmetics I was pretty impressed. Not only because they are free from animal cruelty this is one very cool way to carry your beauty essentials in one elegant case no bigger than a smartphone. Excellent for travel, office, nightlife and a touch up after the beach or gym.

Pressplay Cosmetics

Pressplay cosmetics is the answer to not having to lug around makeup bags or having to rummage around your handbag in search for a lipstick. In my Pressplay I have powder, mascara, handhand cream, face paint and eyeliner. I've found all the products to be good quality, I love the fragrance of the hand cream however I find it a little frustrating that it only pumps out a tiny amount at a time. The Face Paint can be used for lips, blush and for contouring if you choose a neutral colour, and it does last on the lips.

The Pressplay Cosmetics range consists of 27 products, with further products including fragrance in development. Liquid products come in unique mini tubes and powder products in custom discs that click into the bottom of the Pressplay Capsule. The range includes; foundation, concealer, highlighter, powder, bronzer, blush, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pen, face cream, sun cream, hand cream and hand sanitizer. All the key essentials for maximum impact with a minimum of fuss. Pressplay Cosmetics are produced in some of the most advanced cosmetic laboratories in Italy, Germany and Australia – highly pigmented, long lasting cosmetics that deliver radiant results.

Pressplay Cosmetics

The Pressplay Capsule is a custom engineered, portable storage solution that can hold seven individual products and mirror.

Pressplay Cosmetics was founded by Kate Flammea a beauty therapist and skincare specialist with over 10 years in the industry, owning four specialist beauty salons. As a busy mother and business owner, she struggled to streamline her beauty products so that they were accessible. Kate was running from meeting to meeting and balancing family life, however she still wanted to ensure she looked and felt her best. When she couldn’t find beauty products that met her needs, she decided to create her own. Thanks to her extensive experience in the beauty industry, Kate was armed with the in-depth knowledge needed to create an entirely unique cosmetic and skincare concept. Well done Kate, this is certainly going to make life easier for many women.

Capsule is $39 makeup starts at $25.

Pressplay Cosmetics are proudly cruelty free. Available exclusively via

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