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Herbs + Heart Face Mud Review

It's messy! I can't deny that but it's actually quite fun to use and I am very impressed with the results of Herbs + Heart Face Mud.

Herbs + Heart Face Mud

I love natural organic beauty products and I'm smitten with this one. A combination of Manuka honey, orange peel and sandalwood give the mud a rather unique scent; I really like it! To apply you splash water on your face and rub some of the mud between your palms to soften it. Then apply to your face and in my case, I immediately felt what this product was doing - cleansing my skin.

Herbs + Heart, simplified skincare by creating a multipurpose Face Mud that cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates the skin in less than 3-minutes. It does! Once I had washed the Face Mud off my skin was glowing and I could feel it! I'm typing this the morning after I had used the mask and my skin still feels good.

Combining 16 super fruit and plant extracts with locally sourced Manuka Honey, Orange Peel and Sandalwood; the 3-in-1 Face Mud has already established itself as a cult classic by simultaneously cleansing the skin of facial pollution and dead skin cells, and delivering potent bio-actives deep within the epidermis.

Ideal for daily use and sensitive skin types, the unique formulation of Coconut, Aloe Vera and Apricot Oils transforms the paste into a nourishing treatment mask, exposing the skin to a healthy dose of Amino Acids, B vitamins and vitamin C.

Boasting a chemical-free stance, Herbs + Heart aims to eliminate the harmful toxins in mass market circulation and replace skincare routines with a simplistic, multipurpose range of products powered by organic fruit and plant extracts and natural botanicals. Herbs + Heart is proudly cruelty-free and uses only ethically sourced ingredients in their fully recyclable range of products.

For around $39 I think it is a winner!

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