Uppercup Reusable Coffee Cups

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Australians love their coffee but the problem is disposable coffee cups are fast on their way to becoming a major pollution hazard. When you think of the wastage it is almost criminal, and not that I want to see manufacturers of coffee cups go out of business, but there has to come a time when the world needs to put the brakes on wastage.

According to the ABC (2016), coffee cups are considered to be the second largest category of litter waste after plastic water bottles. It is estimated that Australia contributes over 1 billion disposable coffee cups to landfill every year; adding significant pressure on the environment with unknown plastics, cardboards and materials. That is phenomenal! In fact, most paper-looking disposable coffee cups, which are often sourced overseas, have been found to contain an insulated thin plastic coating that is not biodegradable or environmentally-friendly.

Uppercup offers a smart and stylish solution to this problem. Made from a new kind of high quality Eastman Tritian Copolyester plastic, Uppercup is BPA and BPS free; and offers a durable glass-like frame that is not only odour and stain resistant, but also dishwasher safe.

Barista-friendly and exported around the world by the eco-friendly warriors at Go Lusty, the conical bottom is engineered to produce a perfectly poured beverage every time by distributing liquid ratios evenly. The double insulated walls also ensures that beverages stay warmer for longer while fingers stay cool, and can even be written on for convenient café ordering.

Available in a small ($22rrp) and large ($25rrp) size in a range of colours, Uppercup is available nationally at www.321water.com and at selected cafés around the country.

Good work guys!

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