Bow Tie Subscription Service

Bow ties are an essential styling staple for the modern man and some designs make a good talking point, like the watermelon design by “Why Knot Ties”.

With a history dating back to the 17th century bow ties are again becoming more fashionable and not just for men! Women are wearing them too. Whether you’re heading to a wedding, racing event, client meeting or you’re just out to make a style statement a colourful bow tie will help you do it.

Located, designed and styled in Melbourne, Why Knot Ties is a luxe fashion house that was created to shake up the traditional use of the formal bow tie by creating a range of high quality statement bow ties suitable for both men and women in both formal and informal settings.

Suitable styled to appeal to men and women, Why Knot Ties is affordable fashion with statement pieces prices at $24.99 including a luxe display box. To take their styling service to the next level, Why Knot Ties know that time and money are our most valuable resources, so to save us on both they have created their premium Why Knot Ties Subscription Service that will have you dressed to the nines for less that a cup of coffee per week! The subscription service is priced annually or monthly and includes the delivery of one new bow tie per month (with 1 month free!) to ensure convenience and outfit confidence all year round.


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