GO2 Nutritional Oxygen Supplement For Health Benefits

I've been taking GO2 Nutritional Oxygen supplement for a few weeks now and I feel like it has helped me with stiffness in my body. The older I am getting my joints and muscles get really stiff when I sit or lay down too long. My doctor says it is the onset of Osteoarthritis. I have also noticed on the days I do not take the supplement i.e. when I fly back to Sydney and can't take it with me, I have considerably more flexibility issues. The product has health benefits for sports people, animals and active seniors. That's my experience to date and I was quite skeptical at first.

One thing I have to say I do not like the taste or the smell of this supplement but that's not enough of an issue to stop me using it. I've also been spraying it on to my face which feels very refreshing.

GO2 is a nutritional liquid that is highly concentrated with bio-available Oxygen – that is, Oxygen that the body can easily absorb and use. It increases the Oxygen level in the bloodstream to help meet the body’s energy needs.

GO2 contains 100% natural ingredients: de-ionised water, unrefined Atlantic Sea salt (a very small amount – GO2 easily meets the requirements for low-salt products) and at least 150,000 parts per million di-atomic oxygen (15% volume-to-volume) at manufacture.

By adding 5 to 10 mL (one or two teaspoons) of GO2 to a glass of water or juice is all you need, however you are not supposed to have it with food for absorption reasons.

I've had a long conversation with Terry Kelly, the Founder, who has sent me a lot of information and I'm confident that this is a great supplement for sports people and there are absolutely no banned substances in the formula. I certainly have more energy when I go to the gym if I take a 5ml drink of this prior.

GO2 is colourless, non-toxic, hypo allergenic, and completely safe to use as directed with no toxicity for humans or animals.

There is a whole lot more to say about GO2 so I'll direct you over to the website which is full of information www.go2life.com.au/



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