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Busk for a Cure for Crohn's Disease and Cancer

Busk for a cure

In 1999 I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease just six months after my brother took his life. As you can imagine, that was extremely hard to deal with when I was still in deep grief. In all this time I have only been in hospital three times, and I'm very lucky. However, late in 2016 I spent a month under extreme stress because my doctors thought I had carcinoid cancer. What showed up on a routine CT scan looked like carcinoid cancer but after a month of tests and anxiety, it was actually scarring from Crohn's Disease.

As I mentioned, I am lucky, I really don't suffer badly from Crohn's and when I do get a flare up some very strict dietary changes seems to calm it down. So it is my pleasure to help promote "Busk for a Cure".


Newtown’s annual charity festival ‘Busk for a Cure’ is preparing itself for another year of music and community spirit. With a plan to be even bigger and better than the last, the festival is on the search for artists with a passion for music and social change.

With 50 performers raising a total of $3000 last year, the festival hopes to continue to gain the support of the local community in its mission to raise funds and awareness for cancer and Crohn’s Disease. With 5 locations across Newtown, Buskers are invited to be a part of this showcase, as the community joins together.

Founded in July 2014, Busk for a Cure is an initiative seeking donations and support for Cancer Council NSW and Crohn’s & Colitis Australia. With 100% of the funds raised going directly to these selected charities, the festival provides a great way for performers to contribute to the community whilst celebrating their talent.Busk for a Cure is calling out for any musicians looking for a for a fantastic opportunity to perform and spread their joy of music. The festival will be held this year on the 26th of May; performers are encouraged to find out more and register their interest at

Busk for a cure

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