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Maxwell & Williams The Perfect Crockery Setting For Afternoon Tea

Since moving to the beach for a sea change (from Kings Cross) I've really embraced the beach lifestyle. It's not that I have never lived near the beach because I spent a lot of years in Manly and as I teenager I lived at St Clair Beach in Dunedin NZ. The inner city was convenient but I longed for those long walks on the beach and the laidback lifestyle and so I bit the bullet and made the move. I have no regrets at all.

Maxwell and Williams

To coincide with my new seachange I decided to decorate my home with colours that remind of the beaches up here on the Mid North Coast; Aqua and Dark Blue.

Photo above: Freshly caught crab, another seafood gift from my neighbour's (minus 3 pieces I've already eaten #guilty) displayed on the Maxwell & Williams Wayfarer Platter.

Photo above: Tuncurry Breakwall my inspiration for the decor in my home.

Maxwell and Williams

Only a few months ago my life was VIP parties and events and now it's back to cooking and growing my own vegetables and herbs. I have rediscovered my love of ''kitchen" and having the best equipment and prettiest crockery. So far I have grown: basil, mint, cucumber, tomatoes, ginger, passionfruit, chili and thyme.

As Aqua and Blue is my 'theme' so as a thank you to my neighbours who give me a never ending supply of vegetables, homemade pickles, fish and seafood, I thought I'd put on a little late afternoon tea party with my Maxwell & Williams stunning Isfara range.

Maxwell and Williams

I used to live in the hub of busyness, but I never had a backyard which I missed terribly. Now I do! And I can sit outside and drink my coffee or tea with sunshine, fresh air, flowers and beautiful crockery.

Maxwell and Willliams

There is nothing better than and Earl Grey cup of tea and chocolate on a hot day. Like many people I find a cup of tea actually refreshing and thirst quenching when the weather is warm.

Maxwell and Williams

My 'thank you neighbours' afternoon tea was served with champagne, tea, homemade sausage rolls, cucumber sandwiches (with my home grown cucumber), carrot cake, my neighbour's homemade tomato sauce and strawberry chocolates all served on one platter. We also had two visiting dogs pestering for their fair share of the sausage rolls.


2 Sheets puff pastry

6 high quality pork sausages, no gluten or additives (I used Beak & Sons gourmet pork sausages $7.50 from Woolworths).

I onion finely chopped

I egg for basting

Carefully remove the skin from the sausages and add to the onion and combine (these sausages are already flavoured with fennel to give flavour). Cut your pastry sheets in half. Divide the sausage mixture into four, roll into tubes and wrap pastry around. Brush the join with beaten egg as well as top and bottom of roll. Bake for around 20 mins (200c) placing sausage rolls on baking paper so they don't stick to pan.

Maxwell and Williams

Maxwell and Williams

This post was in collaboration with Maxwell & Williams. I did not get paid, however I carefully chose the items I wanted to work with that would fit in with the decor of my home and that I would want to write about.

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