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How Would you Like to be a Part of Vivid?

Lava Lamp

I know I am really showing my age here even admitting I know what a Lava Lamp is let alone a glomesh bag; but for the sake of promoting Vivid I feel I must share this opportunity to those of us who actually own these items. I do have a glomesh bag, but no longer a lava lamp. For those of you that own these items, Willoughby City Council is giving you the opportunity to breathe new life into your lava lamps and glomesh bags. Your vintage items can be part of Vivid Sydney at Chatswood’s ‘Lightscape’ exhibition, an eclectic celebration of food, fashion, light, the planet and the cosmos.

One of the main attractions will be the Light Market, a pop-up international food market created from recycled materials and lit by lasers, inspired by the favelas of Brazil and Star Wars. The market’s vibrant lighting design will include lava lamps and glomesh bags, partly donated by the public, to create dazzling illuminations. Yours could be part of this display!

Members of the public wanting to donate a lava lamp or glomesh bag of any form and size are encouraged to send the items to Willoughby City Council at level 4, 31 Victor Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067, up until Friday 4th May.

The donated lava lamps and glomesh bags will contribute to hundreds of recycled pieces gathered and assembled to create the aesthetically pleasing favela. Donators will be able to see their contribution at Lightscape, which launches on the 25th of May and will run until the 16th of June 2018.

The Light Market is only one stop on the sensory journey that is Lightscape. It is where visitors will smell sensational foodie delights, see dazzling light shows, interact with incredible installations, hear rhythmic beats and taste all corners of the world.

The construction of the market is inspired by the amazing and complex architecture of shanty towns. The base has been built on traditional scaffolding in unusual shapes and sizes, which is then entirely covered in recycled items on plywood. Furniture will be made from pallets and re-used materials, and will be scattered throughout the market.

The impressive structure is designed by Geoff Cobham and being built by Light Market producer Victoria Harbutt and Sydney based scaffold sculpture artist and Light Market production manager, Alejandro Rolandi. They are being assisted by a local team of volunteers.

Now, all I have to do is send that glomesh bag of mine and send it to a new home.

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For more information visit:

Vivid Sydney at Chatswood is a free event to the public.

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