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4 Simple Hacks For Packing Light When You Travel Solo

When you’re travelling solo you need to pack light, otherwise, the journey will be an absolute nightmare. For some people, packing light comes easy but others think they’re being conservative, only to realize that they’ve got 3 suitcases full by the time they’re finished and they maintain that they absolutely need everything in there. If that sounds familiar, you need to learn how to pack light if your solo trip is going to be a success. Try these simple tips and you’ll be able to cut down your luggage in no time.

how to pack light

Get A Small Bag

If you want to pack light you should only be taking one bag. That means you’re limited by the size of that bag so choosing well is the key to packing light. Instead of taking a suitcase, why not look at backpack bags instead? It’s a lot easier to carry and you won’t have as much space to take things that you don’t need, forcing you to streamline your packing. Always try to keep it under hand luggage size as well to save yourself money when you fly.

Check Fabrics

When you’re choosing which clothes to bring with you the amount that you take is important but you also need to consider the fabric that they’re made from. If you pack the bag full of heavy fabrics that don’t fold down that small, you’ll be wasting space and making things harder for yourself. Synthetic fabrics are often better than things like cotton because they’re a lot lighter. They’ll also dry quicker if you need to wash them while you’re away. Merino wool is a great fabric that’s lightweight and keeps you incredibly warm.

How to pack light for travelling

One Pair Of Jeans Only

Jeans are one of the heaviest items of clothing that you’ll take but they are a good space saver because they’re pretty versatile. You can wear them for quite a while without washing them and most pairs look pretty similar. There’s no need to pack more than one so choose your best pair and just take those. Packing 2 or 3 pairs will take up half of the bag space before you’ve even thought about putting anything else in there.

Think About What You Can Buy Out There

Obviously, you aren’t going to buy a whole new wardrobe while you’re travelling so you have to take clothes. But there are plenty of other things that you can easily buy on the road which helps you save space in your bag. Things like shampoo and conditioner etc. are heavy to carry and you won’t be able to take them anyway if you’re just taking hand luggage so it’s best to buy those while you’re away. Things like cords and cables etc. also take up a lot of space so consider just buying them out there. That way, you won’t have to take travel adaptors with you either.

As well as thinking about the essentials that you can buy to save on packing space, you need to remember to limit the amount of souvenirs etc. that you buy. When you’re working with very limited bag space, you haven’t got the room for a bunch of new stuff on the journey back. If you like to buy lots of souvenirs, take this into account when you’re packing and leave a little extra space for them.

These simple hacks will help you to cut down on the amount of stuff you’re taking and make travelling so much easier.

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