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The Base Collective Magnesium-Based Beauty Products

The Base Collective

The Base Collective is a magnesium-based beauty products. The range aims to deliver a dose of magnesium in the best possible skincare produced from natural and certified organic materials. As you would expect from an organic based skincare range there are no hidden nasties in the products.

The Base Collective began in 2016 with their Lemon Hand Wash and Hand Milk, before launching the magnesium-based range, which took them onto an international stage. Within two years, they are a multi-million dollar company, exporting to China and the USA, more specifically in Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. The products are designed to look chic in any bathroom with a simple black and white design.

Magnesium deficiency can result in:

Muscle fatigue


Muscle crampsSugar cravings



Post workout recovery

Personally I suffer from 'restless legs' at night and stiffness in the morning as well as difficulty getting to sleep and waking up in the night. I can't say I have had a miraculous cure from the stiffness symptoms however I probably need to be using it for a lot longer than the few weeks that I have been, I do think that using the magnesium has improved my sleep considerably. I will update this post as I progress.

Magnesium Oil. Considered a therapeutic product (and a supplement), The Base Collective recommends using it on your stomach daily to experience a multitude of health benefits. The daily intake should be around 200- 300 milligrams, which is 3-4 sprays per day. You can wash it off after 20 minutes but I leave mine on my skin.

The Base Collective Magnesium

Magnesium Body Balm. This is my favourite of the range. When I rub this onto my skin (I have even been using on my face) my skin takes on an immediate softness and looks moisturised. It takes a little bit longer to rub into the skin than normal body balms but think of the magnesium you are absorbing as you do this. Based on a rosehip oil blend with the added goodness of magnesium, this blend will nourish your skin while helping to relax your body. Apply liberally to sore muscles or dry skin and rub until absorbed. A the time of writing this post, we have had terrible winds and cold weather and my hands are particularly dry, the Magnesium Body Balm is helping a lot with that.

Bath Salts. For a relaxing bath or foot bath, these salts are great. I've used a couple of times soaking my tired feet in the magnesium in fact I'm having a foot soak as I type this up. What better way to warm up on a cold winter's day and relax those tired feet?

Magnesium for pets

Body Wash. The body wash is odourless (as are all the products I've tried) but remember these products are designed to be a health benefit as well as beauty so the ingredients are as natural as can be.

The Base Collective is family and pet friendly.

Available now at The Base Collective


Deb was supplied these products to try. Please read the full Disclaimer here.

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