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How To Spot Replica Sunglasses

Christian Dior Black Tie

If you are looking to invest in a pair of designer sunglasses online you should do a little research to ensure you are buying authentic sunglasses and not some clever replica.

The imitations are getting harder to spot but with a little investigating you can have peace of mind that you have purchased (or about to purchase) a genuine pair of designer glasses.


Retailers of genuine sunglasses are authorised to sell designer brands. Same goes with online retailers, so if you are buying from a company you have never heard of you might like to think twice about that. Also your designer glasses will not be cheaply priced, even on sale you won't be picking up a pair for just $20. If the website doesn't have a contact number you might want to be a little cautious. If it does have a number try calling it to see how they answer the phone and what the customer service is like. Check to see if the website gives a guarantee.

You might also like to check if the website offers online chat, health rebate (for sunnies that are prescription), free delivery etc.

Dior Black Tie Sunglasses


Go to the designer's website and study the logo. Is the logo on your glasses exactly the same? Same font, spacing etc? You will find that genuine logos are placed on the lens, inside the earpiece or arms. They will be consistent with the brand's logo. The spelling of the brand will be correct too. Research photos online and see if you can see inside the arms for exactly how the brand name is placed, serial number etc. Genuine designer glasses will have a model number on the frames.


Dior Sunglasses

The box my sunglasses arrived in is high quality, sturdy and has the correct logo.


If your glasses don't arrive in a branded box this could be reason to become suspicious. Also the glasses will come with a sticker that has a bar code and manufacturer information, model number and with some sort of booklet stating information, guarantee or certificate of authenticity.

My carry case has the logo inside and out. It is good quality, has a small pocket inside and the sides collapse to lay flat in your bag or pocket when wearing the sunglasses. The inside is also lined.


Check that the carry case is high quality and has a genuine logo. Most brands will also include a dust cloth with the logo.

My Dior sunglasses have model, CE, made in Italy, are sturdy and have the correct logos.


Do the glasses show the model number and brand name? Do they have the letters CE (UV Protection compliance)? Do they state where they were made like mine above Christian Dior (made in Italy)? Are the glasses sturdy and good quality? If they feel flimsy and the lens looks like plastic start those alarm bells ringing.


Does everything match? The logo should match on the glasses, case, cleaning cloth, booklet and box. If there are any spelling mistakes it should bring on your warning bells.

Again, the safest way to purchase designer glasses is to buy from a reputable company.


This article was made in collaboration with Vision Direct. Please read my full Disclaimer.

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