The Pancake Guru Review - Depot North Bondi

By Grace Carr Gluten free coconut pancake, made with buckwheat and served with berries and yogurt. Looking at the menu, the description didn’t exactly grab me. “Gluten free’ is usually code word for crap.

However, I’ve been recommended these by a confidential informant (April) who also has a strong passion for the art of the pancake - so against my better judgment I went ahead and ordered the $17.90 pancakes (quite steep, even for Bondi standards). 7 minutes later, low and behold my eyes were treated to a beautiful, single thick folded piece of delight glistening on a porcelain bowl. The first bite was nothing less than a magnificent explosion of flavour in my mouth.... golden crispy outer with light and fluffy interior. Usually I shy away from healthy toppings, but the berry compote and yogurt combo complemented the pancake wonderfully. The large serving size left me feeling extremely satisfied, and I will be back for seconds probably later this week. Fluffiness 4/5 Toppings 4.5/5 Mayple syrup to pancake ratio 0/5 Overall score 4/5


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