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Kadoo Aboriginal Cultural Tours Sydney

Australia's indigenous people have a heritage that is from the oldest surviving culture on earth. Yet, many Australians, including me, really don't know much about our amazing country's heritage and people. I was recently writing a blog post for a client and I came across Kadoo Tours. I discovered that these tours are an opportunity to experience Aboriginal culture and at the same time take in some of the most amazing views in Australia.

Kadoo Tours Aboriginal cultural tours has the opportunity for you to walk in the footsteps of Tim Ella, a traditional man of this Yuin Nation. And yes, Tim is brother to the famous Ella sports stars. Join Tim as he takes you back to his ‘Dreaming’, to the Stone Age when man lived in harmony with the land. Alongside Tim, Grant Hyde a local historian, and director of Kadoo shares his knowledge of history on the tours.

Watch as Tim spins a bullroarer wishing his totem, the whale, safe passage on their journey. On your tour, if it's the right season, you may even get to see whales migrating along the coast. you will also learn about native animals & the local sea life while sampling bush tucker. It was here, in Botany Bay & Sydney Harbour, that ‘First Contact’ was made with Europeans and you will learn how this impacted upon Tim’s people then and until the present day.

Tim is a traditional man of the Dharawal/Yuin nation and a well-respected member of the La Perouse community. Sydney (Dharawal) has been home to indigenous people for more than 40,000 years and I find that incredible!


La Perouse

The La Perouse Aboriginal culture tour is 2 hours and includes entry to Kamay Botany Bay National Park. On this tour you will enjoy authentic Aboriginal culture and be involved in a traditional ochre ceremony and "Welcome to the Country'. You will also get to taste bush tucker straight from the plants.

Watson's Bay

The Watson's Bay Aboriginal culture tour with Tim and Grant is 2 hours The Gap Bluff walking track. Includes entry into Sydney Harbour National Park, an array of bush tucker. Tim will share his stories on Aboriginal Culture, his people and his Dreaming of this land. During the whale season (May-November) come whale watch from the clifftops of the tour. This tour also offers a traditional ochre ceremony and "Welcome to the Country". You also have the option of Fish & Chips at Doyles at a discounted price and no queuing.

Kadoo Tours also offer Cultural Awareness Training for Business and School Excursions.

These tours offer a scenic and delightful way to learn about Aboriginal heritage and discover how the local Aboriginal people hunted, fished and how they gathered bush tucker. You will also learn about the totem of Sydney, Guriwal (whale), the native birds, animals & sea life in the area.

Photos supplied by Kadoo Tours.

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