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How to Keep Your Reading Glasses Clean

This is a true story. I was out at dinner one night with my good friends Glen and Leo. I was trying to read the menu and Glen piped up "Good grief! How can you possibly see through those glasses?" I must admit they were very smudged. Then the waiter came over and Glen took my glasses off my face, handed them to the waiter and said "Please put these in the dishwasher". I couldn't stop laughing and because we knew the waiter and were regulars at the restaurant it was very funny. Then a man on the next table handed me a cleaning cloth for my glasses and said I could keep it. I have a great sense of humour and really did find it all too funny, and my glasses came back to me in a few minutes all sparkling and cleaned!

Since then, I have discovered a product that will keep my glasses clean, and is easy to carry around. It's called Peeps and is a tool that uses carbon cleaning pads to remove fingerprints and grease from lenses. It comes in a small container that also has a brush to clear away any dust then you simply wipe over with the cleaning tool. As you will see from the video below it's very easy to use and I am thrilled at how clean my glasses are now! I can see again!

This product comes from an ethical online store called Didn't Know I Need This. They sell a range of gadgets that are very useful such as cleaning tools for Ipads and tablets, a wristband you wear to deter mosquitoes. The Para'Kito wristband is worn with a small pellet of essential oils that hides a person's scent from mosquitoes. It is chemical free and has no DEET or nasties that are found in typical insect repellent sprays. I am a mosquito magnet, they attack me viciously so I'll be looking forward to trying this when the mozzies come back in the warmer months.

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