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Restaurant Review: Holy Duck! Chippendale

Holy Duck

It was with mouth-watering anticipation that I accepted the invitation to the opening of Holy Duck! in the Spice Alley precinct at Central Park in Chippendale.

Peking Duck is my favourite food group and Holy Duck! was sure to make an excellent version. However, the evening started with a selection of dumplings that were tasty and well made.

Then came the specialty platter that consisted of char siu, crispy roast pork belly and roast duck, a flavoursome combination to be sure.

The signature Crispy Duck was served with steamed pancakes, hoisin sauce, cucumber and shallots. At the table, the moist duck with crispy skin and crunchy, edible bones is pulled apart with forks and placed freshly in the pancakes.

The chicken san choi bao came with yellow pickle, basil and crispies and chilli provided some heat. Holy Duck! gives well-known favourites surprising twists, and rather than the usual Iceberg lettuce, this version was served with the longer-leafed Romaine, which makes san choi bao easier the eat.

Holy Duck! Chippendale

The seasonal vegetables were lightly-cooked to perfection in sesame oil; they had crunch and flavour.

The soy sauce in the fried rice was more subtle than in most, and contained some unusual ingredients such as mustard seeds and spring onions.

The excellent meal finished off with a dessert of banana and chocolate spring rolls with black sesame seed ice cream.

The industrial, minimalist décor with high ceiling and two eye-catching pieces, the sign and the large mural, created a busy yet somehow warm atmosphere; there is a nice vibe.

Holy Duck! is one of the reasons that Spice Alley and the rest of Central Park is becoming a go-to area for Sydney-siders, and the good news is that it’s running a special this month. You can order the Crispy Holy Duck! for half of the usual price. $32.50 for a whole duck that will feed four is truly tempting.

Modern Chinese Cuisine

10/2 Kensington Street

Chippendale 2008

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