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I wrote about Work Club at Barangaroo when it first opened earlier this year, and today I actually had a taste of what it's like to work in this amazing co-working space myself. I already knew this was going to be an extraordinary place to work because of my first story. When I stepped foot into Work Club I was blown away. The first thing that I noticed was the beautiful fragrance. I'm told that the fragrance was especially designed for Work Club.

The welcome from the staff was astonishing, you are made to feel like you are one of the most important people on the planet! On arrival I was offered something to drink from the cafe/bar and was delighted that I could have my standard Soy Cappuccino.

You can read more about the concept in my first post so I won't go into that again, in this post I'll convey my actual experience of Work Club.

Wherever I looked I could see nooks to work in, comfortable chairs to sit in and amazing artwork. Ambient music plays in the background and I wish I could work here every day! Work Club works on membership and there is an interview process to ensure that co-workers get on and competitors are not placed close together. Work Club consciously select it’s member base to ensure there is diversity in industries leading to diversity in thought.

As well as the bar area, there's a kitchen and an outside area. Private offices, meeting rooms, open workspaces and even specially designed booths to have in depth conversations are all around this multi level working space.

I decided to use one of the open plan desks and I was told that the chair I was sitting on was the best ergonomically design in the world! I must say, I was very comfortable sitting on this chair and working on the beautiful timber desk.

Other features of this amazing working space include meditation room, private phone booths, printing, wifi and waterfront views.

I love the concept of Work Club and Founder Soren Trampedach certainly has an eye for detail and design.

My time at Work Club today was very productive - including writing up this post whilst I was here! It's got a great vibe in so many ways. If you fancy working in a Nordic inspired hub then I suggest you check out Work Club in Barangaroo yourself.

Now that I've written this post I think I'll pop into the meditation room and enjoy some downtime!

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