Four Amazing Adrenalin Pumped Gifts for Father's Day

V8 Supercars Sydney

How about giving your dad a bit of Adrenaline for Father's Day with some amazing experiences that are sure to be lasting memories. Now, there's nothing wrong with undies or socks for Father's Day but imagine if you gave dad a skydiving experience or he had the chance to drive a V8 Super car? Maybe a helicopter ride over Sydney Harbour Bridge?

You can purchase your action-packed Father's Day gifts online or if you can't decide on the right experience you can purchase an Adrenaline gift voucher that will come in a metallic box.

IFLY downunder Sydney


iFLYdowner in Penrith is a fantastic experience. That's me in the photo above. I did it a few years ago and I still think about flying up that 30m wind tunnel. Participants are taken through some training prior to the iFLYdowner experience, you can book online here.


Hold on to your hats for this one and make sure you wear the wet weather gear! These boats go fast and really get the adrenalin pumping! Not only will dad get to see the Sydney Harbour he will experience jet boat speeds and sharp turns that are exciting and fun. I wasn't scared when I had my jet boat experience, but there were some times I wondered if he was going to stop on time and not crash into the Sydney Opera House! You can book online here.


Now I can't decide if the Indoor Sky Dive or the Central Coast Zipline was the scariest but bravest thing I've ever done, but I think the Zipline is the winner. I was terrified but glad I did it (me again above). It's a nice drive out to the bush in the Central Coast and the zipline goes for nearly 4 minutes throughout the tree tops. You can book online here.

Helicopter Tours Sydney


Now this is the ultimate Father's Day gift. Send dad up in a helicopter over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and up the coast to Watson's Bay. The views are spectacular (photo above I took on iPhone) and it's an experience that he will always remember - unless he is a helicopter pilot himself of course! You can book online here

Personally, as well as the above, I have also climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, been on top of the Sydney Eye Tower and driven a V8 Supercar all through Adrenaline. These types of experiences make for wonderful memories.

To all the dad's Happy Father's Day.