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Ewetopia Farm NSW

For a great family holiday, Ewetopia Farm on the Mid North Coast of NSW is the ideal place to unwind and take in the fresh air of the land. Ian and Jill McKittrick have lived on the farm for over 15 years and are known in the area for their sheep milk products all produced on the property and sold at local markets.

For guests staying on the farm they can learn about raising sheep, milking and lambing and producing cheese.

Ewetopia Farm NSW

I had the pleasure of visiting the farm today and a tour of the property. Set in idyllic NSW countryside, you can't help but feel a sense of serenity as you take in the breathtaking view, listen to the birds and of course the sheep that seem to like to make a lot of noise too! As well, there are free range chooks and the McKittrick's three kelpies. The property is also home to some cattle and on my visit one of the calves is having an identity crisis and thinks it's a sheep! Sorry mate, I've got news for you!

Ewetopia Farm NSW

It takes about six litres to produce a kilogram of cheese so you can imagine there's a fair bit of work to be done in keeping the sheep healthy, milking and then producing the cheese.

Ewetopia Farm

Ewetopia Farm is a 130 acre property located on the mid-north coast hinterland, less than an hour west of Port Macquarie. The farmstay accommodation is a self contained three bedroom cabin with a modern kitchen, balcony, bbq, lounge/dining and wood fire. It has timber floors and adjacent to the house is a swimming pool and entertainment area with a pizza oven, fire pit, tables and larger bbq that guests are welcome to use.

If staying for more than one night, on arrival guests will discover a selection of Ewetopia's dairy products

Ian showed me the milking station and although small, it is adequate enough to milk all the ewes and provide enough milk for the cheese manufacturing.

Ewetopia Farm Stay

Guests are not permitted in the cheese manufacturing area due to strict hygiene rules.

Ewetopia Farm

New born lambs are kept in a shed with their mother's for a while until they are old enough to roam the paddock, however all lambs are locked up at night to protect them from predators.

Ewetopia Farm

There are plenty of activities around the area including markets, strawberry picking and Billabong Zoo.

To make a booking call 0428 410 860 or book online.

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