Meet Skillabee – your personal teacher

Meet Skillabee, your personal teacher! Skillabee can teach you anything. Whether you are looking for a home yoga class, painting lessons for your children, duet salsa class with your partner, Skillabee offers it all. So, who is a Skillabee? A Skillabee is a skilled and mobile freelancer located near you. Ideally suited for busy parents, Skillabee makes learning a new skill or hobby easy, fun, and affordable. The company started in July 2018 and has already scaled to 300+ mobile specialists who can offer lessons and services across a wide range of categories including cooking, dancing, personal training, exercise and yoga, photography, music lessons and learning a new language. Skillabee’s initial focus is the greater Sydney region.

Skillabee offers a free sign-up option. To get started, you simply select your interest, choose your favourite specialist, and book/pay for your lesson. To coordinate logistics, you are free to message any of the specialists. The platform offers online secure payment which allows for refund in case of dispute and a two-sided rating system for added trust credibility. Skillabee aims to expand across Australia over the coming year with Sydney as the starting point. To learn more about Skillabee you can visit their website here. Skillabee Pty Ltd 1800 291 006


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