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Tesalate Sand Resistant Beach Towels

Tesalate beach towels

If there is one thing I can claim is I'm a sand magnet. I spend a lot of time on the beach and never fail to attract sand on my legs, towels, in my bag and of course ending up in my car! Now I have discovered Tesalate sand-repellent beach towels that come in a range of great patterns. As well as preventing sand sticking onto the towel, it's perfect for yoga, picnics and any outdoor activity. The towel is compact and light, so it's perfect for travelers and a great gift for special occasions. My towel arrived in a small bag and before I opened it I wondered how on earth this compact parcel could be a beach towel and to my delight it certainly was and a generous size. It's extremely lightweight as well!

Tesalate Beach Towel

Towel Features

These vibrant beach towels are made from a cutting-edge fabric technology. Apart from its sand-repellent feature, the towels are made with AbsorbLite™ fabric. It rapidly dries compared to regular ones, yet it can absorb at least 1 (33 oz.) liter of water. I've tested mine (in these photos) and yes it certainly keeps the sand off and does dry off the water super quick! I chose this colourful Toucan pattern because I loved the colours. The Tesalate towel is engineered to dry in half the time than a regular towel.

Customer Base

Tesalate has dominated the U.S. and European market and their Facebook page has exploded to over 327,000 organic members. Customers are giving reviews of 4.9 stars. I'll be adding to that, there is no doubt this innovative beach towel will be my best friend as the days get warmer and I'm swimming in the water pictured below at Tuncurry Rockpool.

Tesalate Beach Towels

There is no doubt this Australian brand will grow even further as people try these towels and want one for themselves. So far the brand has been featured in media around the world including several magazines, blogs and media outlets like Elle Germany, Buzzfeed, USA Today, Business Insider AU & UK, Daily Mail UK, Lonely Planet, in a segment on the TODAY show in the U.S.A., featured on top of The Sun UK's Lust List as well as on Fox 8 news USA and Vogue Australia!

To find out more and see the range visit the Tesalate website.

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