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​​​​7 Reasons Why You Need A 1300 Number For Your Australian Business

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Over 300,000 businesses in Australia use an inbound phone number like a 1300 number—and for several good reasons.

For starters, this number is a single point of contact that businesses and organisations can use to receive calls from outbound numbers. But unlike personal numbers, 1300 number holders can’t dial out, which means that it’s used almost exclusively for business purposes.

These 10-digit, virtual phone numbers aren’t only for “show”, but they’re also helpful for paving the way for companies to conduct efficient communications and foster meaningful customer relationships.

How exactly do 1300 numbers help businesses out, you may wonder. This article will show you seven reasons why you should consider setting up this virtual phone number in your establishment.

Let’s jump straight into it.

1. Unified Communication Channel

A 1300 number helps unify an organisation and all its branches through a single point of contact. It can be configured to serve as the initial point of contact, where it can then be rerouted manually or through an automated system to the appropriate receiver.

This consolidation measure helps streamline internal and external communications by addressing the “back-and-forth” and allowing the virtual phone number’s system to handle the process. 

This is unlike the case for personal numbers, where there’s only a single line of contact that can’t be rerouted and would be fully occupied if someone else is on the line. Conversely, a 1300 number can take on multiple calls simultaneously, which is useful for businesses that expect multiple calls in a day.

With a 1300 number, your staff can be more productive in answering customer queries and coordinating amongst themselves. This reduces technology-related bottlenecks. which in turn, can exude a positive front that your customers will be willing to engage with and trust.

2. Split Testing Potential

Another significant use case for 1300 numbers is its split testing potential. Split testing is the practice of using two or more content variations to see which one performs best.

For instance, you may be wondering which physical marketing campaign is more effective: handing out posters or leaving up a billboard in a moderate-traffic area.  Or you may have two separate billboards and want to determine which area can funnel in the most calls.

Thanks to the rerouting potential of 1300 numbers, you can configure two or more 1300 numbers to be sent to your customer care team and later figure out the data breakdown offered by each region.

Through split testing, you can determine which type of marketing campaign is more effective for your business. This data can be used to further improve campaigns or refocus marketing efforts in more profitable areas.

It’s a good idea to get 1300 numbers from one company to more easily carry out these split tests. Fortunately, there are many 1300 number plans available, with Telcowork's 1300 number plans in Australia being one that offers free setup services.

3. Good Professional Image

Another perk of a 1300 number is that it helps you maintain a professional front for your business. 

If you want to stand out from a sea of competitors offering similar products and services, every little bit of optimisation counts to stand out from the competition. And choosing to adopt a cost-effective 1300 number can do just the trick.

Choosing a 1300 number over a personal number helps in that regard by making your first potential touchpoint with your customer something associated with legitimate businesses.

A 1300 number is exclusively used for businesses since individuals don’t necessarily need multiple rerouting options. 

By featuring one in your business’s marketing campaigns or calling cards, you can affirm your company’s position as a reputable one—which can make it more appealing to clients. 

And to an extent, it can be the difference maker in letting a customer choose your company over the rest.

4. Accessibility Nationwide

Each territory in Australia has its own local area code ranging from 02 to 09. People nationwide can contact phone numbers from different areas in Australia; however, calls made from separate territories using a personal phone number will incur an extra charge to the customer.

If you have customers from other territories than your own, this can deter them from contacting and further engaging with your business, particularly if their only option is to phone your business’s personal number. 

A 1300 number, however, has a flat local toll-free rate they charge to make it easier for customers to budget and plan ahead. This can help customers engage with your business, which can ultimately help boost sales and revenue coming from other territories.

Furthermore, owning a 1300 number also makes it easier for business owners to relocate to another state without losing customer traffic. This makes it extremely useful for businesses who intend to expand nationwide since they’ll only have one number for customers to remember.


5. Customisable Call Routing Options

Personal numbers are notorious for their lack of functionalities and features. With a 1300 number plan, however, you’re given a broad range of call rerouting options.

Businesses aren’t limited to a fixed package when claiming their 1300 number from a service provider. They have the freedom to choose various pricing plans, packages, and a plethora of other features based on the plan that they’re getting.

Furthermore, there are also custom commands that you can integrate as you or the department head sees fit. 

For instance, you can reroute a call to an agent who’s idle the longest to the latest caller. 

You may also reroute a call to a personalised voicemail that instructs callers how to contact a specific department or call centre. Or, you can simply route to your business’s main call attendant who will then do the rerouting on their end.

Whichever the case, the breadth of customisability helps you maintain control of how you want to interact with your customers. This, in turn, can help you inch ever closer to your goal of improving the customer experience according to your underlying vision.

6. Access to Useful Business Insights

By subscribing to a 1300 phone plan, you’re not only getting the number, but you’re also getting a plethora of analytical tools tied to it. Many of these data analytics can be found in a dashboard tied to the phone number, accessible through a PC with good hardware and an internet connection.

These analytical tools help provide insights into each call and their respective caller. 

For instance, you can gather information on the geographical region where a caller is coming from. You can also get a breakdown of common trends and patterns, like the city where there are the most callers.

You can also use the insights from these calls in conjunction with marketing campaign results to gauge the latter’s effectiveness. This allows businesses to see which channel generates the most sales or the highest ROI.

Furthermore, businesses can also gather the effectiveness and productivity of their customer care staff. KPI metrics like FCR and customer feedback satisfaction can be tracked and plotted down on the number’s specific program, which can help fuel even better customer service later on.

7. Scalability and Flexibility

Another great thing about 1300 numbers is that they offer fairly flexible plans that are easy to switch to when needed. 

Throughout a business’s lifecycle, a business will enter five stages of the business life cycle, from its introduction to its eventual decline. 

Being locked in a long-term contract can restrict your ability to grow your business without incurring some losses along the way. This is common for personal phone plans.

Fortunately, things are different with a 1300 number. This number is ideal since providers are lenient and agile when it comes to addressing concerns regarding plan switching. 

If your business is growing and you need additional features, you can simply contact your provider and subscribe to a higher plan. 

Conversely, if you need to cut down on costs or are not maximising your 1300 numbers during the off-season, then you can do so as well—no questions asked.

This degree of flexibility is helpful for Australian businesses since it makes it easier for you to adjust your budget according to business needs—and fast.


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