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8 Tips When Buying a Face Cleanser

8 Tips When Buying a Face Cleanser

Time to stock up on a new facial cleanser? You don't need to spend a fortune on cleansers, but they are an essential part of skin health, so it's worth evaluating whether it's time to swap to something new this year. The whole reason we use face cleansers is to clear out pores, wash away dirt, oil, SPF, makeup and other gunk sitting on the skin's surface to help us avoid congestion issues. Clean skin will also mean that the products we apply afterwards (serums and moisturisers) are effective. Read on for our top tips on how to choose the best facial cleanser for you.

Choose your preferred texture

First thing's first, think about what texture you want to apply to your skin. Cleansers come in a range of different textures like cream, gel or oil, so it's important to work out which you like most. Cream cleansers are full of natural oils and designed to lock moisture into the skin. For this reason, generally those with sensitive, ageing, and dry skin love to use cream cleansers. A gel cleanser on the other hand is water based and works to unclog pores, meaning that they work particularly well for those with oily skin. Oil cleansers are of course oil-based and dissolve makeup and sunscreen off the skin. They can work really well for all skin types.

Find a formula that targets your skin concern

Facial cleansers can only do so much, but it's worth choosing one that is targeted for your skin type and specific skin concern. Whether it's one boosted with Glycolic Acid to refine any texture concerns, one packed with gentle plant oils for its skin-soothing benefits, or even a cleanser that works to rebalance a mix of congestion and dryness. The disclaimer here is that you don't need to drop a ton of cash on a facial cleanser (keep that for your serum!)

best face cleaning products

Consider double-cleansing

Have you tried double-cleansing yet? The idea is that cleansing the skin twice more effectively breaks down dirt, makeup, and excess oils. The trick is to cleanse with an oil formula first and follow it with a water-based cream or gel cleanser. Step one will break down any makeup and dirt on your skin (even if you can't see it, it's there!) and step two will allow you to get the benefits of your cleanser and its ingredients.

Choose an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup and SPF

For those that double-cleanse, the first step always uses an oil-based cleanser. Alternatively, even if you're not double-cleansing you could opt for an oil-based cleanser in the evenings to remove your makeup. For those that don't wear makeup, still consider using an oil based cleanser as it importantly removes SPF thoroughly!

Choose a water-based cleanser to 'cleanse' skin

The second cleanse in double-cleansing should be water-based, so opt for a gel or cream cleanser here. The second cleanse with a water-based product works to remove impurities from your skin; pollution, dirt, dead skin cells, sunscreen, makeup, sweat. Removing these impurities helps to brighten the look of skin, unblock pores and even allow the active ingredients in your other skincare products to penetrate properly. Once again, if you're not going to go for the 'double-cleanse' route, you could use this as your morning cleanser before applying moisturiser and SPF.

Oil Based Cleansers are great for oily skin

It might seem counterintuitive, but actually those with oily skin shouldn't shy away from an oil based cleanser. Whilst those with oily skin tend to opt for bottles marked 'oil-free', the truth is that plant-derived oils won't clog pores. In reality, oil attracts oil, so using an oil cleanser will help to regulate sebum and add hydration where it's needed. Never forget that oily skin types also need hydration too!

Pay attention to harsh cleansers

Generally speaking, foaming cleansers can be quite harsh and stripping on skin. Oiler skin types and those prone to acne tend to go for harsh cleansers which can leave skin dehydrated. The rule- avoid any cleansers that are soap-based or contain alkaline-like properties.

Choose a fragrance-free cleanser for sensitive skin types

Did you know fragrances can cause irritation? If you have a sensitive skin type or are prone to redness, just say no to fragrance in all of your skin products to avoid red, itchy, irritated skin.

Ready to invest in a new face cleanser for 2022? Discover the complete collection of face cleansers from Australian-brand La Clinica now.


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