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A New Parent’s Guide To Exploring Sydney

A New Parent’s Guide To Exploring Sydney

Sydney is a paradise for the millions of domestic and international visitors who are lucky enough to enjoy this beautiful city, but what about new parents? New parents have a lot to think about and consider when exploring a new city, which is why we have compiled a comprehensive guide to exploring Sydney with a little one. Fold out your pram and strap in your bub, because we’re going to make traversing Sydney as a party of three that much easier.

Take the ferry

It’s not always about the destination, but the journey in getting there. Taking a ferry over the harbour will not only give you a reprieve from pushing around your new double pram, but it will be quite the adventure for your baby. It also presents a perfect photo opportunity with the Opera House or Harbour bridge in the background. You could easily spend half a day being ferried across Sydney’s gorgeous harbour, so don’t think you need a complex itinerary of where to actually go. If you don’t know Sydney well, taking the ferry can be a fantastic way to get from one side of the city to another.

Sydney's Royal Botanical Gardens

Wander Sydney’s greatest gardens

Sydney’s fantastic weather needs to be experienced to be believed and wandering Royal Botanic Gardens and the many expansive gardens that litter the city is a great day out. These gardens are also close to or surrounding some of Sydney’s historical landmarks, like commemorative plaques and iconic statues that you and your partner can explore while your little one enjoys the grass, flowers and birds that live in this stunning ecosystem. Be sure to pack some snacks and sunscreen because you can easily lose time admiring the local flora in these beautiful gardens.

Museums and galleries

Visiting museums and galleries in Sydney is a great way to explore the city, and these places are geared to cater well to children and parents. There are quiet spaces for napping and breastfeeding, vibrant spaces to capture your little one’s attention, and many of these venues also have a cafe and play area. Luckily for parents, there are always new exhibits being released throughout the year so that you and your partner can actually get a great cultural injection every time you visit.

Join a mothers or parents group

The benefits of joining a mother’s or parents group are never-ending, as these peers become your closest network, all going through the same stages of life (both good and bad!). These groups are a great way to explore new cafes, parks and suburbs that you might not get to on your own. As a new parent, it can be incredibly tempting to stay at home and battle parenthood alone, but these groups are great for social accountability and ensuring that you enjoy the many attractions found around Sydney.

Bondi Icebergs Sydney

Visit the beaches, bays and pools

There is a reason that Sydney is the pseudo capital of Australia - it has it all! Only in Sydney will you find a beach in the middle of the city, and stunning bays and iconic pools in every direction. Basing yourself by the water on a beautiful day is an easy and relaxing way to explore Sydney, and it’s a great way to introduce swimming and beach fun to your little one. All of these areas have lifeguards and under-covered areas for families to sit back and enjoy the view between swims.


Even as a new parent, Sydney holds so much wonder and exciting things to do. It will take time to get into a rhythm as a new parent, but when you are ready to step outside - adventure awaits.


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