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A Theatre Performance Delivered to You Via Text Message

Margaret Davies

Short Message Service is a moment of theatre delivered to you, to your phone, in the comfort of your own home.

Developed and programmed by Q Theatre, this special moment of theatre will be delivered to audiences via a series of ten text messages over one hour and crafted by playwrights including Western Sydney locals Donna Abela, Monikka Eliah and Margaret Davis; acclaimed writer and satirist Jonathan Biggins; and winner of the 2015 Balnaves Foundation Indigenous Playwright’s Award, Katie Beckett.

Short Message Service will deliver six compelling narratives under the theme of ‘intimacy.’ It is a chance for audiences to sit back and experience the excitement of the unexpected, all without leaving the living room – and it doesn’t cost a thing!

The first Short Message Service will feature an original work by Blue Mountains playwright Margaret Davis and kicks off on Friday 31 July 2020 between the hours of 6pm – 7pm.

Director of New Work, Nick Atkins, says that in response to the current health crisis, Q Theatre has had to radically reimagine the concept of live performance into something new and exciting for audiences unable to physically attend the theatre.

“We’re excited to reconnect with people and hope that these stories help make audiences feel a sense of closeness and surprise.”

The first five sessions of Short Message Service are as follows;

  • Friday 31 July: 6pm- 7pm - Short Message Service#1 by Margaret Davis

  • Friday 7 August: 6pm- 7pm - Short Message Service#2 by Donna Abela

  • Friday 14 August: 6pm- 7pm - Short Message Service#3 by Monikka Eliah

  • Fri August 28: 6pm- 7pm - Short Message Service#4 by Jonathan Biggins 

  • Fri September 4: 6pm- 7pm - Short Message Service#5 by Katie Beckett

Audiences can register online to experience the free and exclusive Short Message Service program and will need provide a mobile phone number able to receive the text messages.

Register for Short Message Service via the website at

This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.


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