Adventure Clues Lets You Explore Your City And Make Unexpected Discoveries

So you think you know everywhere in Sydney? I certainly thought I did but there's always something new to discover and thanks to Adventure Clues there's a fun way to discover these hidden gems. Using cryptic clues, a whole lot of fun await explorers whether they are locals or visitors to Sydney.

Things to discover could be a new café that makes amazing coffee or a brand new place to have lunch. There's no need for a map as participants receive the clues straight to their phone with a handy web application designed to make their adventure even more fun.

Adventure Clues was founded by Sam Baldwin in 2018 after seeing a real need to improve how people can explore places rather than the traditional walking tour.

During the games participants solve a trail of cryptic clues to unlock secret stories and visit the most interesting, colourful and forgotten places in the city. There's a little competitiveness involved too, as points are scored to see how you compare to others who have completed the trail.

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