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Alternative Housing Ideas

Have you ever thought about selling your home and downsizing to a different living arrangement? After the lockdowns, many people are moving out of the cities and here are some alternative housing ideas. The question is would you dare to try?

Campervan Living


It's not for everyone, but many people manage to live on the road in a campervan. There's no better way for freedom lovers to explore the country and not have to worry about paying a mortgage or rent. Although, camping fees would add up quickly if you can't find free campsites in some areas.


Everyone has heard of the tiny house movement by now, and if you have the land (and approval by the local council), a tiny house is an alternative way to live. Besides the house itself, consideration needs to be given for power (preferably solar), hiring a plumbing specialist and sustainability.

Tiny House

One factor that frequently deters people from purchasing a traditional home is its permanence. You've put a lot of money into this immovable structure and the land it sits on. What if you get a new job in another city, state, or even country and have to relocate? Or what if you get some obnoxious neighbours?

You are not bound to any property unless you purchase land on which to park your tiny home. Your only permanent connection is to the house, so if you get a new job somewhere else, you can hitch it to a truck and drive it there! You'll still need to find a place to live, but the house itself will never be in doubt.

It comes down to if you can live minimalistic?

shipping container renovation on home


Shipping container homes are inexpensive and straightforward to install. They can also appear and feel more "homey" than you might expect. Nothing says you can't cover the house's metal skeleton, both inside and out. Perhaps most importantly, you can combine multiple containers to create a home of any shape or size you desire or add an extension to an existing home.

As with tiny houses, you will need council approval and a flat block of land.

Shipping container homes are long-lasting, inexpensive, and adaptable:

  • They are typically less costly to build than conventional housing because they require fewer building materials and labour. You can cut the cost of customising your container home by renovating it yourself.

  • They're easy to build. Some contractors can construct a shipping container home in less than a month. Hiring a professional to build your container dream home, on the other hand, can be costly. Some companies specialise in these types of homes.

  • They are mobile. You can pick up and relocate an off-the-grid single-container house anywhere in the world by using a dedicated shipping transportation service.

living on a marina


Not the cheapest option, but living on a boat is a dream for many. Boats come in various sizes, and not all of them are suitable for living on board.

Yachts are an option, but houseboats or trawlers are considered the best types of boats for living on the water. Both of these provide adequate living space; compared to the limited space on sailboats.

The bad news is if you are mooring on a marina, the fees will be expensive, and there are rules on how long you can live on the marina. Other fees are slip fees, insurance and maintenance.

Before deciding to live on a boat, you might want to consider the following:

  • Is this just for a short time before you go cruising, or is this a way of life?

  • Are you willing to repeatedly defend your decision to your friends and family?

  • What will it be like living on a boat during the different seasons?

  • Where will you shop? Will you need to take a dinghy to get to land?

  • What happens if you take up residence on a boat and decide it's dismal?

So if you had a choice, which would you choose?


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