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Are you looking to Scoot in Sydney? Don't Forget These Places!

Are you looking for places in Sydney to go scooting with your kids? If yes, you're in the right place because here are four great places to enjoy some outdoor activities and get off the internet.

scooter parks sydney
Ryde Park Scooter Track, Ryde

In 2018, the track was re-built to upgrade the current park and is among Sydney's most popular scooting tracks. Youngsters on Ryde Park Scooter tracks can have fun scooting on their pro scooters from Scooter Hut while learning about road safety. The track has a roundabout, traffic light and signs that are bound to provide hours of entertainment. It's also fully enclosed to help the kids stay safe from outside traffic.

No wonder this park is a household favourite - it has a lovely cafe close to the track! There's also a playground, picnic area with gardens, a landscaped area and an off-leash dog park where you can take your pets.

Ryde Park users recommend it is best suited for children younger than 7 or 8 years old.

Livvi's Place, Elara

Livvi's Place is another recent addition to the impressive list of Sydney scooter tracks in Sydney. The park was built in the year 2019. It is a project by the Touched by Olivia Foundation, along with the local council. It's a safe play area for children of all ages.

The playground is enclosed and features a balance bike and scooter track and playground equipment. The track is equipped with safety features for roads, such as zebra crossings, traffic lights and roundabouts. There are some exciting outlets like a petrol station and a ramp with a wavy design that youngsters will be excited to ride on.

After your children have scooted to their heart's delight and are ready to cool off, they can enjoy a refreshing swim in the fantastic splash park!

Heffron Park Pedal, Maroubra

If you're looking for a secure area for your children to test their skills on scooters, the Heffron the Pedal Park could be a great option, especially for those living in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Heffron Pedal Park is an entire mini-roads network that includes roundabouts, signage, and traffic lights for navigating. It's a great place for imaginative playing and also teaches children crucial road safety.

In terms of facilities, you'll find lots of parking spaces as well as shade, public toilets and a playground.

The Esplanade, Manly Beach

Manly and Shelly Beach

Manly Beach has a flat bike path ideal for children to use their scooters and balance bikes. The trail runs from Queenscliff all up towards Shelly Beach and offers impressive views of the ocean.

It's a top spot for runners and cyclists alike, so you can decide which fun activity to pick. You can end the day with a dip in the ocean or make sandcastles.

There are plenty of restaurants, toilets and drinking fountains nearby to ensure everyone is fed, hydrated and content.

Bay Run, Leichhardt, Inner West

The Bay Walk (or Bay Run) is the ideal Sydney track for those who want to exercise. While your children ride push scooters, you can run, walk as well as push your pram around. Yes, it's stroller-friendly!

It's an open-use trail that spans 7 km. Even though it's hectic during the weekend, there's plenty of space for everyone.

You can enjoy the stunning city and bay views, while your kids will be delighted by the amazingly spread scooter circuit. Since the track runs through many parks, it's a great place to stop and enjoy the nearby views.

If you're driving through this area, King George Park in Rozelle could be the ideal spot to park with your children.


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