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August Horoscopes by Jennifer Angel

August Horoscopes


By Jennifer Angel

Aries By the end of August, you should start to feel that your career is going in the direction you want, and more importantly, you are in the driver’s seat. Standing up and voicing what you want in life is crucial now, but don’t be unrealistic, do keep any demands you make within reason. Communications can get confusing during the first week, so if a family upset arises, you want to be ready to take control before things get out of hand. If you’ve been putting off having a deep and meaningful chat with someone close, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to avoid it for much longer. There’s an opportunity at the start of the month with the New Moon energy to rethink your personal life. Your love stars are hot now, so if you are single, put yourself out there on the dating market. And if you are in a relationship, then now is the time to review, work on your love union and make changes if something isn’t working out the way you’d like.

Taurus A new start or a creative revamp of your career life is indicated mid-month, being sparked by the Full Moon. At the same time, Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune, will come out of retrograde and free up previous restrictions particularly with partnerships, money and official business. A situation with family or your home affairs can be positive now too, and if it concerns money, then things can turn out to be surprisingly good. On a personal note, if you’ve been holding back saying how you feel to a sweetheart or someone close, then don’t be surprised if you feel compelled to make your innermost private feelings be known. Planetary interactions with planet Uranus, which sits in your sign, can positively change your love life. Keep an optimistic outlook at all times and wait for the magic to happen.

Gemini As a Gemini, you like a little spontaneity, but this month it may be too much even for you. However, with your ruling planet, Mercury the conversationalist, just out of retrograde, the airwaves are cleared for you to say what’s on your mind, particularly about monetary matters. Your creative juices are flowing and if you can think and act from a creative viewpoint at work then you can gain the respect of co-workers. Family affairs are on your radar, so make time for them. On the love scene, it’s important to speak from your heart, but before you do so, make sure you have the other person’s full attention. Friends, old and new, can come through for you now, and in a way that can surprise you.

Cancer There’s a good reason to be optimistic about money this month. With the Sun and Jupiter having a positive say in the financial area of your life, as well as a New Moon, you’re in very good hands. But even so, it is wise not to impulsively spend money on things that are not on your shopping list. However, if you’ve been thinking of updating your personal image in some way, then the money spent on this area of your life would be cash well spent. Combined work social events can introduce you to some interesting people, and so can friends, so don’t sit home for too long basking in your comfort zone - get out to mix and mingle. It’s a wise idea to keep love equal between you and another. Keep the doors of communication open so you can keep talking, which will help you learn more about the people you interact with.

Leo New Moon in your sign right at the start of the month kick starts the energy. You are entering a new chapter and one that can finally put you on the path to renewing your life. It’s a new and exciting phase, which brings great promise for the future. Be prepared though, as there is so much planetary activity in and around your sign right now that everything is likely to happen at once. With sensual Venus and passionate Mars both in your sign for the first half of the month, there’s likely to be fireworks in the love department, especially with the Full Moon in your relationship area mid-month. Monetary news can come through later in the month, so if certain things and situations have been delayed, don’t worry, a delay can give you time to get things together and get organized.

Virgo There is a lot of excitement in and around your sign now with planetary interactions and movement. Use the first half of the month to get unfinished business settled, as much as you can. Because with action planet Mars moving into your sign mid-month, you can expect to be busier than usual, which means that anything not on top of your priority list will have to wait. Mercury, your ruling planet, just out of retrograde at the start of the month will make discussions and communication on all levels easier, particularly those of a more personal nature. If you are single, then finding someone you can build a friendship with first will be beneficial. Getting to know someone on a deeper level is what a Virgo needs for love to build to a stronger bond, so don’t make the mistake of rushing into love too fast. And with Venus and Mars both in your sign from the 21st, this may be difficult. Instead, enjoy life and love, for today.

Libra Mixing love and work is not always a workable formula, but for Libra, it can work superbly as you get to see more of the person you love the most. Expect to be communicating on a more sensitive matter with a friend. Be sure to say what’s on your mind, but before you do or say anything, check in with your intuition so you speak from your heart. Planets Mars and Venus both have a strong influence on your social area of life and friendships. Events can put you in touch with people on a social basis and be beneficial. Whether it is face-to-face or electronically, mixing business with pleasure has a good vibe about it now as long as you keep interactions amicable. On the romantic scene, whether you are in love or looking for love, chances are with the Full Moon energy there will be changes. Work towards getting together and moving things in the right direction.

Scorpio This month, anything can happen at work, so expect the unexpected and be ready to think on your feet. With the Sun shining brightness on your every move, and the New Moon presenting opportunities worth looking at, your popularity is on the rise. Monetary opportunities are in your chart but be careful not to be impulsive. Work and love can be all wrapped up in the one package. You could meet someone special at a work function, so get ready to say ‘yes’ to work invitations. If you’re already happily snuggled up with the love of your life, don’t take them granted. Building friendships during this time, people you have an instant connection with, can be entertaining. Try to keep a level of balance between your work and your personal life. If you are spending too much time at the office, be mindful that you may need to make it up to your lover or a friend in some way.

Sagittarius Discussions around your work and possible changes are highlighted this month, but all promise to be favorable, and in fact, movement in your career now could very well be at a celebratory level. And if love is on your list of desires, too, then this could be your lucky month. But don’t sit back and expect fate to do all the work, it’s up to you to make life happen for yourself. But be careful of what you wish for, make sure you know what you want because as the saying goes, you might actually get it. During the month you have Venus the planet of love, passionate Mars, Mercury the communicator, the Sun and the New Moon all in your area of soul purpose. All this activity and planetary placement can signify the beginning of something special. Think big, stay positive and forge ahead with optimism and a sense of certainty.

Capricorn Full and New Moon energy in both your money zones, as well as Mercury the communication planet now out of retrograde, indicate positive monetary news is on the way. However, if you have a budget set in place, be careful of getting involved in a retail therapy spending frenzy you don’t need nor have the time for. Instead, get ready to shine and sparkle, Capricorn. Getting noticed by the love of your life is all very possible and entirely probable this month, so make sure you wear your best first impression at all times. Last month’s solar and lunar eclipses sent love sparks straight to your heart, and this month the momentum can build to a smoldering crescendo. If you are looking for your soul mate, this month, you could find your forever love. Sort out in your heart and mind how you want your life to be, visualize it and don’t deviate from your grand plan.

Aquarius This is one of the most magical times of the year for you, Aquarius. Full Moon energy in Aquarius mid-month is a sign of change. Some decisions you will make for yourself, and others can be taken out of your hands, but wherever you end up will be the right place for you. Friends in business can be beneficial over this next immediate period. And as Mercury comes out of retrograde right at the start of the month, you can receive the news you’ve been waiting on. Passion and love planets are shining on your love and intimacy zone, and with the help of the New Moon, some of you will be starting new romantic chapters. Just make sure you don’t lead someone on with them thinking they have more of you than you are willing to give. You like your independence so as long as you are upfront and honest, and everyone is on the same love-page, all is good.

Pisces Everything is up for review! You may decide to change your life, or just the way you think and feel about certain aspects of your life. A change of attitude can make a lot of difference as to how your life looks. Business stars are positive with the help of Jupiter and the New Moon. With communication planet Mercury now out of retrograde, news you’ve been waiting on can come through as well. Spend money on your health, beauty and overall wellbeing and image, and it can give your spirit and confidence a boost. This will be beneficial for both your personal and professional lives. Spending cash on someone you love can result in you feeling prosperous, always a positive vibration to have. Love planet Venus enters your love zone in the third week and as Venus-Mars energy fuses towards the end of the month, a passionate interchange with someone can set a romantic scene for September.

AUGUST 2019, Monthly Planetary Overview

This is an unpredictable month with plenty of opportunities - be positive and optimistic.

The Close of July

Uranus in Taurus, the planet of unpredictability, challenges the Sun in Leo on Monday 29th, and a clash of these two fixed signs, powerful energies, can cause stubbornness and power-plays. This square planetary aspect can certainly be challenging but can move you out of a space that has not been good for you and transports you to a much better place to move forward.

Thankfully, the new Moon in Leo on the 31st brightens things up right at the end of July along with a positive connection with beneficial and fortuitous Jupiter. During this time, and always, be aware to banish negative and self-limiting thoughts, which can hold you back. Replace with positive uplifting inner talk that can propel you forward to a more enlightened existence and future.

On this same day, July 31st, Communication planet Mercury will come out of its retrograde transit signaling all system go to put the plans you made in July into action.

Week one: Aug 01 - Aug 04

The first of the month commences while still basking in the glow of the new Moon energy and abundant Jupiter influence. This is followed by a conjunction/connection between the Moon and Mars. The energy intensifies with this combined energy and will highlight how you feel about recent events while providing an opportunity to come to terms with your proposed next move.

On August 2nd, Uranus and Venus will clash and there can be incidences you may not be able to avoid, especially if it concerns finances or relationships. On a positive note, as Mercury is now out of retrograde and begins its journey back through Cancer to Leo, life continues to move ahead with less friction and confusion.

Venus is also highlighted on the 2nd, as it squares Uranus, and focuses your attention on love and money matters. Pay attention to what happens next and prepare to make a course adjustment, if necessary. And as the Moon enters Libra on the 3rd, relations between you and others can settle down and become more harmonious.

Week two: Aug 05 - Aug 11

This week, lucky and abundant Jupiter radiates favorable and abundant energy to forge ahead with your inner heart dreams, goals and desires. Wednesday 7th, the Sun will interact with Jupiter, one of the most positive planetary aspects of each year. Venus also interacts with Jupiter on the very next day, August 8th, making this a harmonious time where abundance can head your way, but you do need to be open to receive it. The more positive you can be this week, the stronger your energy and vibration for attraction, particular when it concerns love or money.

Sunday, August 11th, prosperous Jupiter will come out of its retrograde transit and release holds, restraints or delays on projects or situations you have in the works. On this same day, Creative Mercury will have a sign change and move to Leo, which brings a message with it to be a team player and not hog the conversation. Later this day, planet Uranus will commence its retrograde transit for the next five months. This can elevate any chaos, disruption or uncertainty in your life so you can move forward and work with the more positive Jupiter energy.

Week three: Aug 12 - Aug 18

Early this week, on the 13th, the combined energy of the Sun and Venus bring light and happiness, and to capitalize on this energy, once again it is important to have a positive and optimistic outlook.

A few days later on the 15th, the Aquarius Full Moon brings an opportunity to reach out to friends, associates, and even people you don’t know, as well as charitable groups. The next day, August 16th, as Mercury and Uranus challenge each other, a situation can come to head that will allow you to release built-up tension. Just make sure it’s directed in the right area - in other words, don’t lash out at the messenger. On the 17th, impulsive Mars energy is calmed as it moves to the sign of Virgo for a 7-week stay.

Week four: Aug 19 - Aug 25

Mid-week, on the 21st, planet Venus, the love goddess and financial genius, will move to the detailed-oriented sign of Virgo. This will be great to review money matters. On a personal note, be careful of becoming picky and demanding with relationships, especially a romantic liaison. Venus will stay in Virgo for four weeks. The Sun also moves to Virgo on August 23rd, making it a great time to focus on your overall health, beauty and well-being.

August 24th, love duo planets Venus and Mars will meet up in Virgo and put more seriousness on relationships. To avoid a mishap of some kind, you will want to focus on what’s working instead of what’s not working, especially when it concerns love or money matters.

Week five: Aug 26 - Aug 31

There are positive planetary aspects to close the month of August. The start of the week, August 26th, Venus interacts with freedom-loving Uranus in a favorable way that can seem like a fateful outcome – try not to prejudge, wait to see how things turn out. Midweek, August 28th, Mars will also form a favorable aspect with Uranus, however, with these two strong-willed energies, you want to be careful of stepping out of line. Be careful not to impulsively do something you may later regret. This is also not a good time to take unnecessary risks – think first.

August 29th, Mercury will enter Virgo, one of the signs he rules. Mercury is very comfortable and at home in Virgo and opens the doorway for communication to take place over the next three weeks.

The Virgo New Moon on August 30th interacts with Uranus as well. Surprises are possible now and incidences can happen that move you forward to experience new things, people and situations, in a positive way.

Moving into September, the unpredictable combined energy of Mercury and Uranus on the 1st of September can cause you to feel both unsettled and excited. Expect the unexpected, anything can and probably will happen during this time. With Virgo energy, it’s a great time to plan and get organized, make the most of this month to forge ahead.


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