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Australian app sets sights on global impact

Impactr is an app where the user can video themselves sharing short and simple messages

Most apps fall into one of many categories and the success of that app can be determined by a number of parameters. Although every now and then there is an app that hits the App Store that breaks the mould entirely, receiving critical acclaim for its global impact. Impactr is a Dreamwalk App and falls into this rare category, and it could not be launching at a better time when trust, hope and common decency feel like a precious commodity in a challenging year. If you haven’t heard about the Impactr app yet, here is a breakdown of what to expect and why this app is so popular on a global scale.

Fun and meaningful

Impactr is an app where the user can video themselves sharing short and simple messages that inspire people to complete positive social actions. The user can communicate the causes that are most important to them, and highlight deeds to be done and how viewers can get involved. Don’t think that you have to be a social justice leader or expert to make a video, even just being passionate about an eco-friendly brand you have tried could make for a great video and goes a long way in instigating behaviour change among viewers.

Similarly, if you think you don’t have the time or advocacy to carry out these actions that have been set by others, some are as small as ‘add ugly carrots to your shopping list’, which is something we can all make room for in our day. In time you will start to follow posters who either resonate with your values or set tasks that can fit in with your lifestyle and are convenient to be a part of.

For individuals and businesses

Another great feature of the Impactr app is that you can sign up as an individual or a business, depending on what your scope and resources are. It’s also a great way to amplify what you stand for as a business, and the best medium to do so. If one of your business values is supporting the homeless population, now you can film bite-sized videos showing your community just how easy it is to make an impact in that space and what your business does for the cause. This might attract a whole new audience who better understand your purpose as a business.

A platform to actually influence

It’s true, influencers are born and thrive on Instagram. Although it’s not the platform for every type of influencer and the audience is not in an environment where they are ready to receive daily inspiration and social advice, as they might be following for other reasons. Impactr is a platform to influence in every sense of the word and stand wholly behind your values and quest for a better society, rather than any commercial motives that might be connected to your Instagram account and content. If you have the influence already or plan on building it up, start working with your audience for some measurable change.

From little things, big things grow

Signing a petition or subscribing to become a volunteer feels pretty good, but sometimes the goal you are standing behind seems so big that it’s almost unattainable. The beauty of Impactr is that it takes small steps which keep the inspiration alive, as anything too large might lose steam from the group. When you see two thousand viewers completing a small action and suddenly you are part of a movement, that will be a feeling you won’t soon forget. Impactr also provides visibility over the cause and in most cases the user video actually demonstrates how simple it is to make a positive impact. We don’t always get to see the impact or end result of our good deeds, but with Impactr you can.


Every country in the world would benefit from Impactr, just as every community has its areas that need improvement through advocacy and hard work. Impactr will be available to download for free later this year. See what change you can make today for a brighter tomorrow.


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