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Best of the Fest 2024

Best of the Fest 2024

Manning Bar

University of Sydney                     

Reviewed by Ron Lee, CSP

Best of the Fest 2024

Best of the Fest is an international showcase that's part of the Sydney Comedy Festival and was staged at the Manning Bar in the grounds of the University of Sydney. 

MC Jess Fuchs, who has been doing stand-up for a relatively short period of time, warmly engaged the audience with her welcoming attitude, openness and self-effacing humour. The audience was only slightly warm and she ensured that it was primed for the performers that were to follow.

Mat Ewins from England did a bit that demonstrated his skills at making videos.

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Kemah Bob, an African-American woman, mainly talked about sex and other aspects of ho’s.

Englishman Josh Pugh looks like the late popular singer Jim Croce (“Bad, Bad Leroy Brown”) with a lazy eye. Pugh also heads England's partially sighted soccer team in the World Games. Every high-level comedian I’ve seen has been a caring human being and a deep thinker.

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Apart from Jess Fuchs, I most enjoyed Northern Ireland's Micky Bartlett who really stood out as a step above. A talented and very funny Irish comedian? Who’da thought? The powerful-looking, tank-like comedian revealed his vulnerabilities and insecurities, but in the event of a street fight, I’d like him to be on my side. 

It would have been good have reviewed more acts at the Sydney Comedy Festival because we should support performers who are getting out there, taking a risk and honing their skills, but the PR company that was supposed to be in charge of media relations only managed to organise tickets to one of more than 250 acts. I’ll be trying to get to more shows before the festival ends later this month.


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