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Big Tips for a Modest Wedding

big tips for a modest wedding

Some people want an exquisite and elaborate wedding, but so many find themselves under the weight of a small budget. Wedding costs can quickly spiral out of control, and with the price of everything going up, one of the best options could be to plan a modest wedding.

To some, having a mediocre wedding day is not an option; after all, why should you skimp on the most fantastic day of your life? But there are many benefits to having a modest wedding. For example, couples can focus on themselves, rather than worrying about whether a long-lost aunt will eat the food!

So what can the happy couple do to have a modest wedding that still ticks all the boxes? Here are a few ideas.

Choose an Unpopular Day To Get Married

Many people get married during peak wedding season, but this can get incredibly expensive. Weekends are always more costly for venues, DJs, caterers, and staff with additional overtime or penalty costs.

You can plan a wedding during the off-season, which in Australia are the months of June and July. A lot of people are not able to attend weddings, especially during the middle of the week, but this is something that can be solved with technology!

The concept of wedding live streaming is becoming far more popular, and even if you choose an unpopular day, it's nice to know that people are tuning in. If people you care about cannot make it live, streaming your wedding is a way to involve everyone that matters in your life.

Choose the Right Venue

A modest wedding is about choosing a venue that means the world to you as a couple. Many couples select their wedding venue based on how many people will attend. If you have an extended family, you may feel you've got to go big or go home! But now you have the luxury of being picky about your perfect venue.

Most likely, you will spend one-third of your budget on the venue alone. One of the best things you can do is choose a flexible wedding venue that may double up as the wedding venue and a place to hold the reception, but also somewhere that is accommodation for the attendees. You have to decide how many people you want to invite.

A modest wedding for you may mean up to 100 people; to others, it may be a handful of people. When you pick the right venue with an ideal guest list, such as a hotel, you can all spend that quality time together, staying under one roof and sharing with you on your special day.

wedding buffet

Picking Alternative Catering

Many couples who opt for a modest wedding want to go for uniqueness over everything else. Catering options are in abundance these days. Some people go for wedding breakfasts, but others like buffets or food trucks. Choices like these give you the ideal opportunity to personalise your wedding, but it also allows you the luxury of cutting your budget down. You don't have to go to the venue caterers, even though you may feel obliged!

How To Keep the Guest List Small

It is so easy to have a list of attendees in the hundreds. If you want to have a modest wedding, you may want to opt for a no children rule. Of course, this isn't music to everybody's ears, but couples need to sit down and think about the most important people in their lives.

It is easy to spiral out of control in thinking that you have to invite long-lost relatives to keep the peace, but this is where having a wedding streaming service or even holding an informal wedding party sometime later can make all the difference. Doing this allows you to focus on each other on the big day while keeping all the costs down.

A modest wedding can involve as much planning as a large-scale wedding if you want. And with any wedding, you have to remember it's all about the two of you. Some people try to keep their wedding modest for financial reasons. For example, if you are planning your honeymoon trip, it's unsurprising that you want to make it about yourselves, keep the guest list small, and choose some of the above options. But remember, a modest wedding doesn't have to mean an inferior one!


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