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Bloom and Bud Online Flowers Sydney

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Every girl (and many guys) love receiving a bunch of flowers at their home. I certainly do, and when I opened the door to the surprise package from Bloom and Bud, I eagerly raced inside to discover what was inside.

So what was in the box, exactly?

Roses, snapdragons, carnations, olive leaves, statice, and eucalyptus were among the flowers and leaves used in this arrangement. The statice, olive leaves and eucalyptus lasted a while after the blooms faded, enabling me to enjoy my bouquet for quite some time.

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Roses: Roses come in various forms, sizes, and colours, making them a highly versatile flower and a popular choice in gardens. Roses come in different shapes and sizes, including shrubby plants, climbers, and groundcovers.

online flower delivery sydney

Snapdragons: Snapdragons are a popular short-lived perennial often grown as an annual. They're a staple of traditional flower gardens, with many applications ranging from mixed border gardens to flower boxes to patio containers. The common name comes from the shape of the individual flower heads, which resemble a dragon's snout and even open and close in a snapping manner, similar to how pollinators open and close their jaws to obtain pollen.

Carnations: Carnations are evergreen with grey-green foliage and a clump-forming habit. They bloom in the spring and summer. The fragrant flowers are loosely tufted and appear in red, pink, mauve, yellow, or white colours.

Olive leaves: Olive branches are frequently used as a filler in modern flower arrangements or thrown in a bud vase for a casual centrepiece. Olive greens can be kept in water for several weeks. Because they have woody stems, you can crush them or slice the stem upwards to help them drink more water. With the addition of dry materials, this arrangement might last up to a month in your vase.

Statice: Statice flowers are available in white, lavender, and pink. The tiny funnel-shaped blossoms have a delicate, airy, hazy appearance, almost like smoke. Some Statice species have an unpleasant odour. These plants are also great for cutting flowers and dried bouquets.

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus is a beautiful plant to have around. The fresh flora is lovely, and they make an excellent addition to a floral arrangement. This magnificent plant, which is native to Australia, has beautiful blue foliage throughout the year.

What made receiving this floral arrangement different from others is that it came with step-by-step instructions on trimming the flowers and arranging the bouquet, and keeping them hydrated to last longer.

About Bloom & Bud

Bloom & Bud are a small and new startup based in Sydney, on a mission to make sending flowers a joy, by bringing customers the freshest flowers, which last longer and are easy to order.

The bouquets will introduce you to a magnificent world of depth and significance behind flowers, in addition to being a fantastic mood booster. My flower arrangement certainly gave me a joyful feeling.

bloom & Bud Sydney

Check out this excellent online flower store and choose from a range of carefully selected floral arrangements, and while you are there, check out the company's social philanthropy.

Check out the video below on how to arrange your flowers.


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