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Butter and Bright Melbourne

Do you love to bake cakes, pastries and desserts? Well with the right tools and finishing touches you can become the envy of all, by creating Instagram worthy delights. Butter and Bright are suppliers of utensils and tools for the home cook.

A heads up here, Anna Mae, the creator behind this brand and her husband, Cameron, are good friends of mine, and I'm delighted to share this wonderful business with my readers. Butter and Bright have recently launched a rewards program for their clients and I new range of pantry items:

The Nigella Seed in all it's glory.

Black Seeds have a subtle flavour that is peppery, smoky and nutty, the latter enhanced when the seeds are roasted in a small amount of oil.

A stunning contrast when used as a garnish on Bread Avocado Eggs or even Ice-Cream

Persian Pashmak at it's finest!

Each batch is hand spun into a delicate weave of wool-like strands that will melt in your mouth.

Perfect with cakes, puddings, fruit, ice-cream or simply on its own. Mix and match flavours to suit your cravings!

Use this high quality fairy floss to decorate on-trend desserts and drip cakes!

Green Light Garnish! Or more commonly known as Slivered Pistachios

For more Pantry items visit the website or check out Butter and Bright's Facebook page.

Butter and Bright have a clear goal and a strong desire to inspire and assist home chefs and small-scale bakers.

Butter and Bright are here to help, whether you want technical, chef-style recipes with a lot of steps or simple kitchen hacks that result in gorgeous, creative meals.


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