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Cammino flats (Cammino means to walk in Italian) are designed in Melbourne and expertly crafted in the region of Le Marche, Italy. This region, also known as ‘la Valle della Scarpa’ (the Shoe Valley), is where modern shoemaking was invented. Centuries of knowledge have been passed from generation to generation creating a hub of innovative shoe production supplying the most beautiful and well-made shoes across the globe.

The shoes are designed in Melbourne and made in the town of Fermo by a 3rd generation of family shoemakers. The shoemakers produced 22 pairs daily out of the finest soft leather and each pair is cut and handsewn. There's an emphasis on slow and sustainable production.

Australian designer, Katrina Verso, created Cammino when she wanted beautiful practical shoes for a busy lifestyle that with style that could only be produced by Italian shoemakers. She also wanted a shoe that was stylish and practical for walking to and from meetings or work. Cammino flats are designed with an inner sole that moulds to your foot for immediate comfort.

As with all small businesses, Cammino and the retail outlets that usually purchase these comfy and gorgeous shoes have been affected by COVID-19. The Italian shoe capital has also been hit and the families who are shoemakers are also struggling to piece their lives together after Coronavirus. Katrina says, “I am trying to make people aware that fast fashion and mass production is destroying our environment. Now more than ever after COVID-19, we need to focus on slow fashion and ensure that the fashion we purchase is not over produced with many items ending up in landfill. We produce small quantities that are classic and timeless rather than seasonal fads. I have also been asked to do some bespoke pairs for customers which has been really fun to do.

I also want to help create awareness for the ancient art of shoemaking. It is incredibly sad that this tradition is getting lost as big brands choose mass production for high profit in huge factories with low cost labour. The shoemakers who have always relied on learning and working in the family shoe-making business, are not encouraging their children to focus on other fields when it comes to tertiary education rather than continue working in the shoe- making family business. Over 65% of my customers are repeat business and some clients buy multiple pairs or have at least ten pairs. The shoes are designed and made so well and are so comfortable yet stylish that the business is very much repeat business.”

Karina has started a kickstarter campaign to help Cammino, Cammino’s stockists and the Italian shoemakers in Fermo, Italy.

The next shipment and the kickstarter sneaker launch campaign will also include vegan leather for those who prefer not to wear leather.

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