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Can Past Life Regression Heal Physical Problems?

Steve Burgess Past Life Regression

Have you ever considered reincarnation to be true? For those that are open to the idea, a read of Steve Burgess' book 'The Power of Past Life Regression may convince you to believe it to be true. With over 29 years of experience as a hypnotist, Steve has regressed over 15,000 people through past lives.

I found it hard to put this book down. I also had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Burgess you can view the video below.

At the beginning of the book, Steve describes his first client, Gary, who regressed spontaneously and went into a traumatic past life. Gary's regression was a complete surprise for Steve, and it was to be the start of a fascinating career. As Steve relaxed Gary into hypnosis, he started to become fraught with fear. He began to shake, and his body was jerking. Gary was whispering loudly and fearfully, "They're coming, they're coming"! Gary then went into a panic and instructed others to hide quickly and stay quiet. Frantically he screamed, 'don't shoot the children'.

Gary started pleading and crying, then his face contorted into a rage. He yelled at the top of his voice. "NO, NO, PLEASE - NOT THAT, DON'T KILL ME". After that, he flopped down into the chair like a limp rag dog, peaceful with his mouth open and arms and legs splayed out. Steve asked Gary what happened, and he replied, 'It's over, It's calm, and a bright light surrounds me. I'm moving on now, and everything is ok'. What transcribed from this regression is that Gary was a holocaust victim in WW2, and he and his family were killed by the Nazis.

Steve's book has many more stories similar to Gary. What is evident is this type of past life regression hypnosis is a powerful way to heal emotional and physical problems.

I've personally often wondered if I have past life trauma because:

  • For 22 years, I have suffered from Crohn's Disease. An incurable disease which resulted in nearly taking my life due to a complication of a Psoas Abscess.

  • Being underwater terrifies me, and I never put my face underwater when swimming or direct my face under the shower nozzle because I panic and feel I am suffocating. I also have recurring dreams of large waves and tsunamis. My fear could result from being a young child as a passenger on the Achille Lauro, when the ship nearly turned on its side. The incident is a distinct childhood memory of mine. I was in the restaurant with my family and recalled all the tables sliding down towards the portholes covered in water. The fear I remember at that young age of around 7, was we were going to drown. I distinctly remember my glass sliding down the tipping table towards the porthole and saying 'come back'.

  • I have a recurring dream where I live in a three-story home. In the dream, I keep forgetting the third level, which is opulent. I had the dream again last night, and when I woke up, I felt like it was real, and it took me a while to realise it was the same recurring dream. As I am writing this, I live in a three-story home and spend most of my time in my office on the third level.

  • Another vivid dream I had, was several years ago; I was a young woman, wearing a long dress with an apron on it and boots. It appeared as if I was a farm girl in the 1700s. In the dream, I was walking up a path leading to a stable. The dream was so vivid I woke up believing that was part of my soul's journey.

Anyone interested in spirituality, past life regression, near-death experiences or fear of dying will find The Power of Past Life Regression a convincing argument that we are more than our bodies.

People who are afraid of dying may find reading this book comforting. The majority of Steve's clients have lost any fear of dying due to their past life regression(s).

As you will hear in the interview, I had with Steve, physical and emotional problems in this life could be a result of repeated trauma in past lives. For example, one client suffering from migraines had repeated head trauma in numerous past lives. A chapter of the book relays the story of a young man with terrible migraines. During his many regressions, he had a history of dying or being injured from head injuries.

The Power of Past Life Regression is evidence that the soul does not die and dying is blissful. The majority of deaths are a release, and the body's soul is happy to be moving into a place of peace.

Millions of people have claimed to have a Near Death Experience, and thousands have claimed to recall past lives, even young children. These millions of stories can't all be a figment of imagination.

Visit Steve's website for links to podcast and free hypnotherapy sessions on YouTube - and they are well worth the visit.


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