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Theatre Review | Celebrity Theatresports Sydney

celebrity theatresports sydney

Celebrity Theatresports

Enmore Theatre

Directed by Julie Dunsmore

Reviewed August 18

Celebrity Theatresports is done and dusted for another year and thousands of dollars have been raised for CanTeen, the charity for teenagers with cancer.

Sydney Theatre Reviews

Theatresports is the ultimate improvisational challenge.

Teams of four perform games and three judges each give ratings out of five. The scoring is determined by such criteria as adhering to the given story line and most importantly, entertainment value. The more laughs, the better.

Celebrity Theatre Sports

This year’s players included Andrew O’Keefe, Benita Collings, Peter Berner and Adam Spencer, along with some newbies and very experienced players such as Michael Gregory, Murray Fahey and MC Ewan Campbell.

Actors and comedians especially love Theatresports because it puts them under as much pressure as you can have on stage. For two to four minutes, you’re just making it up as you go. If you dry, or can’t think of anything to say in the moment, you have three other performers to pull you out of it In front of the Enmore Theatre audience of up to 1,600.

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