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Circus of Illusion

Circus of Illusion

Produced by Michael Boyd

Directed by Michael Boyd

Starring Michael Boyd

State Theatre

Reviewed by Ron Lee, CSP

There’s nothing like combining two of the most appealing concepts that sit within the realms of the performing arts - circus and magic.

Of course, Circus of Illusion opened with the Ringmaster, Idris Stanton, a comedian juggler who readily engaged the audience and had them leaning in, especially the multitude of young children. His style was that of a comedy club MC, but without the swearing. He juggled some objects that would be more effective in a smaller venue as well as larger items. He eventually juggled two knives and a toy chainsaw.

I particularly enjoyed the balance board guy whose circus skills were impressive, and his “get-outs” endeared the audience to him even more. He is one experienced, talented performer.

The show is built around Michael Boyd who effortlessly executes such ever-popular family favourites as the trunk transposition, the lovely assistant through the magician, the sword balance and the escape from the jaws of death. Stairway To Heaven could have been the theme for the last one. Added interest comes from the involvement of a couple of children from the audience.

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Boyd is very “magiciany” and can milk applause more effectively than just about anyone. He’s also understandably not shy about promoting the merch.

Circus of Illusion will be enjoyed by young children and adults who have not been exposed to the magical arts. All of the illusions have been tried and tested by a multitude of performers over decades. For those who are familiar with magic and illusion, it will be like an experienced comedian listening to old jokes being told by someone else. You know all of the material, so it then becomes a matter of appreciating the delivery, execution and interpretation.


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