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Clean Drinks Co Superfoods Powder

Recently I became a Brand Ambassador for Clean Drinks Co - a company formed by Joseph Glynn, because, quite frankly he couldn't be bothered to juice every day! I'm sure he won't mind me saying that :) he knows what a stirrer I am!

The truth is, after returning from a trip to USA he came back carrying a few extra kilos and wasn't feeling as energized as he wanted to be. With all this going on Joseph decided blending fruit and vegetables might do the trick but alas, the preparation of the ingredients, mess, and cleaning the blender was too much hassle and not mention it's expensive to juice.

So the next step was to go down the green powder route and as he couldn't find one that really suited him for taste and nutrients he decided to create his own and, ta da! Clean Drinks Co was founded.

After months of research, blending, testing and tasting, the final version the first blend, Bright & Green, was decided on. The powders are mostly made of organic superfoods ingredients and they taste good too.

There are two powders Bright & Green to help improve energy and mental focus and Rest & Recover to help unwind at the end of the day.

Then Joseph met Deb

On social media as you do!

Having read my story on how I could have died due to a Psoas Abscess, and my recovery from major surgery, Joesph sent me a packet of each of the drinks to try to help keep my energy up. I was very touched with his genuine concern. I've met him since and authenticity is a good word to describe this man.

So just before I was to start on my new trial I had a slight problem; I accidentally set the Rest & Recover on fire. It took me a few days to confess this to Joseph but finally I got the courage to write to him. Here's a copy of the email I sent confessing my sins:


Hi Joseph

Loving the green drink and you are right having it with coconut water makes a big difference.

Now the bad news (brace yourself) I have tried the Turmeric once and loved it, but….. I accidentally set it on fire (yes true story). I had it on my stove top and turned on the element and went outside to water the garden as the element heated up.  Noticed the house full of smoke and just got back in time to put out the smouldering packet!  OMG !!!  Smoke alarm went nuts and I had little tiny flames on top of stove and not to mention the smell.

Probably the most unusual story about your brand you will ever hear lol.


Joseph kindy sent me a replacement and it did take nearly a week to get the smell of burnt Tumeric out of my place.

Now back to the story; I've been really keen on the Bright & Green, more so than the Rest & Recover and it's only down to taste! I've been taking the Bright & Green for a couple of months now and each day I look forward to my 'energy boost' and I've come up with my own recipe that I'd like to share with you.

clean drinks co

Place into a shaker the following:

1 tsp grated fresh ginger

Juice of half a lemon

2 tsp of Bright & Green powder

200ml of tonic water (I use Fever Tree because I like the taste and it has lower calories)

optional: 1 tsp of collagen powder (I actually add this in all the time)

Place the lid on firmly and shake and be warned it will fizz. Then drink up!

Check out the superfoods ingredients in Bright & Green here

Clean Drinks Co

I really look forward to this drink every day and if I feel like I'm low on energy it's the first thing I think of to give myself a boost. My health is still not perfect, I've just been called back to the specialist as something is not right, so the best thing I can do is keep feeding my body good nutrients.


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